Workout Equipment Every Traveler Should Have

Are you a passionate traveler who loves to train on the road? Here is some crucial workout equipment every traveler should have.

So, you’ve been training for a while and get your form to a decent level? Do you love to travel, but have a constant worry that you won’t be able to train and eat healthy on the trip? Don’t worry as you can combine traveling and healthy lifestyle with small adjustments in your routine. You know that you need some equipment for working out and usually that equipment is massive, so it’s impossible to travel around with it.

There is still some portable equipment you can pack in your bag and make a good use of it on your trips. In this article, we would love to share some of the most useful workout equipment you can take with yourself on the trip.

Why to Take a Workout Equipment on the Trip

We’re talking about portable workout equipment with small dimensions that will easily fit in any luggage. This equipment won’t take you much space, so you don’t need to worry that some other things won’t fit in. The equipment for traveling is very convenient way to train on the trips as you can use it anywhere and anytime.

sport watch

It means that you don’t need to pay for a gym membership nor work out in certain hours which gives you freedom. This equipment won’t cost you a fortune and once you invest in it, you can expect many years of training using it. The main reason for taking the workout equipment with you on the trip is that you can perform effective workouts wherever you go.

#1 Pair of Running Shoes

Running shoes are the basic thing you should take with you wherever you travel. If you are an active person who loves to walk or run, then you know the importance of comfortable shoes. We really love to explore new destinations by walking or running as you can dip into the culture and explore the place from other perspective. It’s a perfect thing that you can combine exploration with healthy living, so put the shoes on and start.

adidas shoes
A quality pair of running shoes is a basic thing active traveler should have.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the pair of shoes, but be sure that you’re going for quality. We recommend you to always go for waterproof shoes as these will enable you to hike or run in nature.

#2 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the perfect equipment that will get you warmed up for any kind of exercise. It’s advisable to always warm-up before any physical activity and what could be a better way than having a short session of jumping? You can literally do it anywhere and it won’t take you any space in your luggage.

jumping rope
Jumping rope is an ideal equipment that will make you warmed-up.

The best way to warm-up properly is to jump the rope in the cycles of 1 minute. You can start with one-minute jumping, rest for 30 seconds then repeat it 10 times. It’s important that you always change the pace while jumping. Also, this activity is ideal for people who want to lose body fat as it can serve as a HIIT workout.

#3 Yoga Mat

Yoga is a perfect activity for ensuring high-energy levels on travels. If you don’t feel energized, you simply can’t expect to have the best traveling experience ever. Depending on the size of your luggage, you can choose the size of the mat as this one will take the most of the space when it comes to workout equipment.

yoga mat
Enhance your energy doing stretching routine on the yoga mat.

It’s a comfortable surface that can be rolled after using. It’s advisable always to stretch your muscles after a workout, but there are many benefits like improved flexibility, balance and reduced possibility of injuries. Increased flexibility will definitely help you in achieving more advanced movements and you can expect faster progress. Also, stretching work is an ideal activity before sleeping as it will provide you with a quality sleep which is crucial for maintaining high-energy levels.

#4 Push Up Bars

If you’re a type of person who doesn’t like going to the gym, but rather trains with your own body as resistance, then push up bars are ideal for you. This equipment is very small in dimensions and you can easily disassemble and assemble it in seconds. Majority push up bars are made from solid metal constructions so you can be sure it will serve you on many trips. These are specially designed for push-ups, but not limited to only this exercise.

push ups
Push up bars enables you to perform many push up variations.

You can work on a different push-up progression that will give you a nice upper-body burn. Performing push-ups on the bars have one huge advantage – you can go deeper in a push-up position. It makes the exercise much harder and targets some muscles a regular push-up doesn’t. Here is a simple workout routine you can perform on push-up bars:

–    10 regular push-ups

–    10 wide push-ups

–    10 diamond push-ups

–    10 narrow push-ups

Do it in 4 circles and rest between circles for 2 minutes. There is no rest between the exercises. This workout routine won’t take you more than 30 minutes, but it’s effective and you can do it anywhere. Be sure to perform each repetition slow and controlled reaching a deep push-up position.

#5 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are practically the smallest workout equipment you can have. It’s portable and you can pack it even in the pocket. If you don’t have free weights available, but you want to increase the resistance of your own body, then these bands are the perfect thing for you. You can do any bodyweight exercise with resistance bands. Depending on the length and firmness of a band, the resistance will vary.

rubber bands
Resistance bands will literally act like a free weight increasing the resistance of the movement.

Also, you can adjust the resistance to your preferences flexing the band to reduce the length and increase the resistance. Once you hit the plateau in body weight training, it’s time to introduce resistance bands in your routine.

Do you carry any workout equipment while you travel? Share with us some convenient workout equipment you can carry on trips.

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  • This is such a great post, Agness. I ALWAYS forget to pack workout gear when I go on trips, deep down thinking that I’ll never get around to using it, but I bet if I brought along a resistance band I’d really get some use out of it.

  • Good ideas! I always bring sneakers with me on trips because I like to hike, bike, hit the gym, and walk everywhere if I can. Not sure that you’d consider it workout equipment, but I always bring my fitness watch with me in my luggage. That way I can track my workouts like usual and see where my heart rate is at throughout my sweat sessions!

  • I usually don’t work out when travelling, most of my trips are exhausting enough? but on the other side…doing some push ups won’ t do any harm…i’ll keep that in mind?

  • Resistance bands are definitely the lightest, most portable workout equipment you can bring on a trip. A jumprope is a good idea too! My husband and I often bring a short knobbed foam roller. It’s hollow in the middle and we can stuff a few shirts inside. Sometimes we will also bring a hot pack or massage tool.

  • These are all great ideas. I usually bring a resistance band when I travel…though I don’t always use it. A jump rope is a good idea to get some cardio. Even though I walk lots when I travel, I work out a lot in my everyday life, so walking hardly counts as exercise for me.

  • Seems like many people are having the same difficulty when it comes to traveling and keeping the fitness routine going without a break. Being a fitness fanatic myself, this list of suggestions makes a lot ofsense.
    The resistance bands are a life saver if you need to up the ante and train for power.
    Although, ever since I’ve completed my first round of Insanity (Beachbody), and another one of The Asylums series, I travel light in terms of fitness gear, carrying with me only a pair of shoes.
    Another thing you’d like to consider, especially if you have enough space where you’re staying, is folding up an agility ladder. These are light, vary in size, and I’d suggest picking up the shortest.
    With a garden variety of exercises to chose from, that you can do on the agility ladder, your routine will adopt a degree of variety most people are unfamiliar with. Plus, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have while sweating buckets.
    I coached people for quite a while, and they all seem to fall in love with the agility ladder right away. When I launched my online fitness startup last January, the initial feedback was great, much thanks to the degree of variety, incorporated especially from these types of exercises. That being said, having a subscription to an online fitness service (videos and nutrition recipes on demand) is of great importance if you plan on staying fit while traveling around the world. Inserting a shameless plug here, you can google Fitness Updated and have a look. Will greatly appreciate your feedback.
    Glad you are sharing these on Twitter – nice way to catch up on the archive. 🙂
    Have a great weekend

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