The 5 Exercise Workout That You Can Do Anywhere, Any time

Giving you a quick idea of a workout that you can perform anywhere and any time to keep fit and get fitter even when you’re on your travels.

Keeping fit whilst travelling can be tough, especially if you’re trying to find a gym or stick to a certain training programme. What you need is a quick, simple workout that you can perform any time, anywhere using only your bodyweight. Luckily that’s exactly what we’ve drawn up for you.

#1 Bodyweight Squats

A great exercise for your legs and glutes (buttocks), plus an opportunity to practice your balance and body control. For best results think about sinking your bum straight down between your heels, then squeezing your glutes as you stand back up. You should also try to keep your abs and core braced throughout the whole movement.

bodyweight squats

As many GOOD repetitions as possible in 1 minute.

#2 Press Ups (Or Assisted Press-Ups)

The classic exercise for developing upper body strength and stability. The trick is to think of the exercise as a plank, with you bracing your abs and core all the way through the movement.

Top Tip – Don’t let difficulty put you off if you find the full movement too tough you can put your knees on the floor for assistance and gradually move them further and further away as you get stronger.

As many GOOD repetitions as possible in 1 minute.

#3 Lunges

This exercise is often overlooked, but it’s perfect for leg strength, core stability and overall body awareness. We like to bring our knee up before we step out, and when we step into the lunge we try to reach 90-degree angles with both knees.


Top Tip: Try to focus on keeping your chest up and your core and abs tight throughout the whole movement. This will help you stay balanced too.

As many GOOD repetitions as possible in 1 minute.

#4 Dorsal Raises

A simple movement that you might have seen in a Yoga or Pilates class, the dorsal raise is great for building strength and stability in your back muscles. To best perform them you should focus on a controlled tempo, for example slowly up, hold for two seconds, then slowly down and breathe for two seconds.

As many GOOD repetitions as possible in 1 minute (If you’re controlling the tempo properly then this shouldn’t be a lot!)

#5 Planks

The King (Or Queen) of all core exercises. As you perform it try to focus on keeping tension throughout your whole body. We like to do this by bracing our abs and squeezing our glutes (buttock muscles). Don’t worry if your body starts to shake, that just means you’re working hard!


Top Tip: Use a mirror, phone or partner to check your posture. You’re looking for a nice neutral spine, so if your lower back starts to drop and arch then it’s time to stop and rest before carrying on.

Hold as long as possible with GOOD form, up to a maximum of 1 minute.


Your workout will consist of those five different exercises, each one using a different movement pattern. You will do 1 minute of each exercise, with 30 seconds of rest in between in exercise. (You can either use a watch/timer or count out loud if you don’t have one).

abs girl

So 1 round of your workout will look like:

  • Squats: 1 minute
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Press Ups: 1 minute
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Lunges: 1 minute
  • Rest: 30 seconds
  • Dorsal Raises:  1 minute
  • Rest:  30 seconds
  • Plank:  1 minute

This should take 7 minutes in total.

You can perform as many or as few rounds as you want, depending on your time and fitness levels. So if you’re a beginner or only have ten minutes to workout, then you might stick with one round. But if you’re a fitness fanatic and you’ve got thirty to forty minutes, you might try to go for four or five rounds. You can make your workout as easy or as challenging as you like, it’s completely up to you.

We hope that gives you a quick idea of a workout that you can perform anywhere, any time to keep fit and get fitter even when you’re on your travels.

Let us know in the comments how you found the workout!

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