Why is Victor Harbor a Great Schoolies Destination?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best place for spending your holidays, especially when you are a schoolie who is looking for a perfect location to enjoy and forget all the exam tensions. Let’s take a look at why Victor Harbor is considered to be a great place for schoolies celebration.

The Free Shuttle Bus Service

Who wants to drive when you have a free bus service? You can save yourself the hassle of driving and prevent tiring yourself out by using the bus service of Victor Harbor. This service is entirely dedicated for schoolies visiting the town.

In order to keep the students safe, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) announced to offer a free shuttle bus service to transfer the schoolies. More than 25 buses will operate with almost 700 seats for passengers.

This bus service will prevent the students from driving their private cars. Some students drink alcohol or take drugs which can knock them out and cause accidents.

According to statistics, drivers aged 16 to 19 are very prone to accidents and injuries. By using the bus service, the schoolies won’t have to drive by themselves and this reduces the risks of injuries.

The Support Shown by the Residents of Victor Harbor

Matt Hanton, who is MAC Road Safety’s communications manager, said that in the absence of the bus service it would be quite difficult and dangerous to attend the festival site in Warland Reserve. He further added that he did not want to see the celebrations of these students ruined by road accidents.

Matt Hanton additionally commented that the students could easily use the free Schoolies Festival app to find the nearest MAC bus stop along with the departure times.

Moreover the residents of Victor Harbor encourage tourists and help them find good spots for spending their leisure time. Obviously with this kind of support and encouragement from the officials as well as from the local population, schoolies find Victor Harbor to be an amazing place as a vacation spot.

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The Location is Breathtaking

The schoolies who came to Victor Harbor for the first time were delighted and could barely contain their excitement. Some of the popular schoolies activities are:

  • Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Mini Golf
  • Fishing
  • Windsurfing
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Surf Lessons

The scenery which a person might observe while staying in Victor Harbor is really out of this world. The waves are there to surf, and the warm sand is there to sunbathe. Fishing can also be fun and interesting.

If you are a fan of cliff diving, you can fulfil your wish by visiting this coastal town. Victor Harbor is perhaps an ideal place for schoolies to celebrate and enjoy their vacations and stay safe at the same time.

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