Travelling While Pregnant: Making Your Trip Comfortable, Safe and Fun

If you or anyone close to you is pregnant and want to travel, read and follow these tips to help make the experience more comfortable, safer and more fun.

Pregnant women need some time off like, or perhaps more than, anyone else. But the risks that go along with travelling is more real and life-threatening than you might think. If you, your wife or anyone close to you is pregnant and planning to go on a trip, read and follow these tips to help make the experience more comfortable, safer and more fun.

Enjoy The View At The Beach

See Your Doctor

Before you do anything physical, stressing and strenuous, always give your doctor a visit and ask for medical advice. Some women have normal, healthy pregnancy, but some don’t. It takes a sound, professional assessment to know your current condition, whether it’s safe for you to travel or not.

Get the Necessary Shots

Expectant mums require a series of vaccinations or immunisations but you might need to get some more depending on the place you intend to visit. Again, the best way to find out how to prepare for this trip is to ask for your doctor’s advice.


Buy Travel Insurance

You, more than anyone, must have access to health facilities and care wherever you may be, so go get a travel and health insurance. Also, check the location for the nearest clinic or hospital and see if they have the facilities and competence to assist you when you need them.

Call the Airlines

If you’re travelling by plane, call the airlines and check on their policies for pregnant passengers. They usually need you to furnish them a medical certificate showing you’re fit to travel and to know what stage in the pregnancy you’re in. Know that most airlines won’t allow pregnant women to fly past their 37th week.

Prepare for Motion Sickness

Nausea, vomiting, restlessness, sleeplessness and fatigue are common pregnancy symptoms, which can escalate when you travel long distances, particularly when you’re seated for long periods of time. Find ways to relax and ease your symptoms, such as drinking plenty of water, moving around when it’s safe to do so, inhaling or applying essential oils or lemon peels to alleviate motion sickness.

Bring Healthy Snacks

Pregnant women like you can get hungry ever so often, so it pays to bring several bags of healthy snacks like biscuits, nuts, and dried fruits to keep you nourished. A litre or two of clean, potable water is handy you easily and quickly feel thirsty when you’re pregnant.

Healthy Nuts

Buckle Up Safely

Secure your seatbelt properly, with the cross strap between your breasts and the lap strap under your pelvis and under your baby bump. That way, you stay safe and comfortable.

Be on Guard

Be watchful of what you do, eat and drink when in another location or country. Although most foreign food is clean and safe to eat, it could cause upset stomach and indigestion, and some medicines for these illnesses aren’t safe during pregnancy. Eat street food on moderation or avoid it altogether, particularly grilled and raw dishes. Up your hygiene so you don’t contract infection and disease easily.

Clean and Healthy Food

Bring Your Prenatal Records

Sure, you may be a long way into your due date and you’ve been given a go-signal by your doctor. But having your records with you is a precautionary measure in case you experience complications. Your prenatal records will help local doctors to understand your condition and take the necessary action right away.

Travel with Company

No matter how much you’re used to travelling solo, this time, you will need and appreciate the company of someone. Indulge in the overflowing support from your spouse, partner, friend or family member. Even when you can move around safely on your own, travelling with someone you can talk to and laugh with, take your picture, hold your hand, you can lean on when you feel sleepy in the bus or train, and massage your aching legs at night can definitely make the experience a whole lot better.

Happy Travel

Relax and Enjoy

A trip can be stressful and tiresome, but it can also be very relaxing and enjoyable. Visiting a new place can get you all giddy, but find time to rest. This may mean not booking that guided tour that keeps your days super busy. Go for spontaneous tours so you can rest in your hotel when you want to. Choose your activities and plan your itinerary, carving time for less stressful yet more enjoyable things to do.

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