Enjoy these Top 5 Lean Foods Available Anywhere in the World!

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Choosing nutritious foods to include in your daily diet is tricky, especially when travelling. Thus we made a list of top 5 lean foods that are available anywhere in the world!

Choosing nutritious foods to include in your daily diet is tricky, especially when travelling. Lean diet is mainly composed of proteins that will benefit your body without causing any health complications in your life. An overview of the diet that will transform your health includes fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins.

You will feel fuller when on fewer calories, fewer antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. Below are typical examples of lean foods you can get anywhere in the world.

#5 Green beans

Including green beans and high fibre foods in your diet will help reduce the possible chances of weight gain, without constant dieting. This is useful especially for women who would like to increase their fibre intake. In Italy, beans are associated with a variety of ingredients used during the Fall and Winter season. Beans are an essential part of Italian cuisine and therefore, grown throughout the country. Additionally, health researchers recommend that by boosting fibre intake for every calorie intake, results in losing several pounds. Alternative food types that you can use instead of green beans include the strawberries and raspberries.

Green Beans

#4 Salmon

Salmon is an oily fish with omega-3 and fatty acids. Other similar fish include the tuna. The nutrient value boosts your skin ability to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays. Various studies have made researchers believe that omega-3 acts as a cell wall that shields the cell from free-radical damage. Oily fish is also known to improve on immune improvement when used for a long duration. Packed with lots of vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals, salmon is a versatile part of different cuisines. Salmon (or ‘sake’ in Japanese language) make a traditional Teriyaki cuisine. If you happen to travel in countries such as Japan where seafood is common, salmon-related recipes will never miss on a regular basis.


#3 Chicken or turkey meat

White meat is the leanest meat of choice for everyone. Chicken is found all parts of the world, and anyone would never find it difficult in including the meat in the course of their diet. Both turkey and chicken give about 25 grams of precious protein value. The body benefits from lean proteins as well as selenium and vitamin B complex. In case you are looking forward to enjoying chicken/turkey dishes, you can conveniently find them in France, India as well as the African countries. The cuisines range from the fragrant Iranian stew to the Chinese stir fry with chanterelles.

Lean foods

#2 Low-fat dairy

Dairy products come in a variety of forms including yoghurt, cheese, milk, cottage and ricotta. They are rich sources of lean proteins. You can use your favourite fruit juice to make a smoothie with skim milk or yoghurt. This serves you a perfect breakfast or snack. Dairy products can also top up whole grain, honey, lemon zest, pumpkin seeds or a delicious, wholesome meal. The Dutch have recipes full of milk products, and upon your visit in the region, you will have the option to order low-fat dairy products as part of your diet.


#1 Eggs

An egg is one incredible source of protein in your diet. A single egg can contain up to 6 grams of protein. The egg white is rich in protein and acts as the ultimate solution in boosting your morning scramble. By concentrating on this as a protein source, you eliminate the need to consider dietary cholesterol or saturated fats. Eggs are not only suitable for breakfast but also other meals. Add boiled egg to your salad or snack.

Healthy Egg

Other diet considerations in your travel destination

There are other food types rich in lean protein but not listed in the top 5 listed above. Including pork tenderloin, sirloin or chops of pork will add significant lean food content in your diet. You also enjoy the benefits of the B vitamins.

Another food to consider is the sweet potatoes. The orange colour in these tubers consists of healthy nutrients specifically carotene and Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes can be included in the diet as regular food or natural fruit juice. If you like them, try some sweet potato soup, absolutely delicious!

The type of lean food available to you will depend on where you are staying. But the 5 items listed above are more or less available in most parts of the world. You’ll find them throughout your travels as part of street food, as menu items in restaurants and most especially as ingredients in major cuisines.

What areyour favourite lean foods when travelling?

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  • It is so great to know that no matter where you are in the world there are a few foods that will always be there, perhaps helping if you are feeling a bit homesick. I love green beans and salmon and have been incorporating more pork into my diet – it is such an overlooked protein.

    • That’s true, Laura. Salmon is definitely my favourite source of protein and healthy fats so I often order it for my lunch and dinner when travelling. Cooked beans are also yummy, especially when served with peanuts.

  • Excellent list, Agness. But don’t forget that if readers search out pure dark chocolate or cocoa nibs, they are eating one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Great to see your new site. Happy to see that you are happy, healthy, and still travelling!

  • Your list is great, Agness, but I’m going to disagree with you about the pork. Sure it’s got protein, but there’s more to our food than just its nutritional value. Pigs are smarter than the family dog. I am not sure how much sense it makes for one kind of fellow mammal to be adopted into our families, and another, slightly smarter one to be on our dinner plates. Sounds rather inhumane to me.
    Curious why you didn’t mention any soy products like tofu and tempeh – is there a particular reason? I’m not crazy about them either but tofu is touted as being very good for you and it seems to be available everywhere.

    • Hello Linda. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on pork. I have not mentioned soy products because soy is not the healthiest. It’s often genetically modified and I try to avoid it. It gives me acne and I always feel bloated when eating soy based products.

  • I try to stick to a good protein meal atleast once in a day while am travelling! its extremely difficult though, as some places have amazing bakeries every corner and the smell of freshly baked pastry and cakes and all sorts just drages you in !!

  • Hi,
    During my travels, I always try to eat healthy as I do in my daily life but sometimes it is difficult to find what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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