Top 5 Advantages Of Going On An Orlando RV Trip

Are you someone who lives in the Orlando, Florida, area and are currently thinking about what your next vacation should be? If so, you certainly have a wide variety of options before you. But have you given any serious thought to making your next trip an RV road or camping trip?

Many people certainly enjoy the thought of going on an RV trip but are also intimidated at the thought of driving a monstrous RV around, especially if they’ve never driven one before. But even so, an RV road or camping trip has a number of benefits and advantages that other kinds of vacations simply don’t have, and that’s what we’re going to talk about now.Here are the top five advantages of going on an Orlando RV trip:

1 – You Can Explore The Country

Perhaps the first major advantage of an RV road trip is it simply gives you the opportunity to explore the country.

This may not necessarily be true for camping trips, but it is definitely true for road trips. You can explore certain areas of the country by driving through major cities or visiting important natural landmarks or historical sites. There will simply be few other opportunities in life to travel throughout the USA like an RV trip can offer.

2 – It’s Cheaper Than Other Travel Options

Many people don’t realize this, but traveling in an RV is cheaper in comparison to flying to another exotic destination and staying in a hotel.

As Outdoorsy notes, in the Orlando area “For drivable RVs the average price is $244.62 and $129.99 for trailer rentals.” You’ll also need to factor in fuel costs and the cost of food and staying at a campground or RV park, but your overall expenses are going to be less in comparison to flying and staying in hotels.

3 – You Have The Opportunity To Disconnect

Do you just want the opportunity to disconnect from the doldrums of your everyday life and forget about your phone and laptop for a few days? If so, there will be few better opportunities than RV camping, where you can just go off the grid and become totally disconnected from the internet, email, social media, work, and all that, which can help to relax your brain and just be yourself for a few days.

4 – You Can Go Camping

Traveling in an RV doesn’t just mean that you get to go camping (which can be an exciting prospect if you don’t camp that often). It also means that you get to do fun activities while camping: fishing, mountain biking, hiking, sports, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, you name it. Camping trips really do offer you a nearly unlimited number of different outdoor activities to do, and by taking an RV, it will feel as if you’re bringing home with you since you won’t be camping out in the boonies under a tent.

This can help to create a more comfortable and easy camping experience for those who have never camped out before and may not be entirely ready for it.

5 – It’s Relaxing

Once you arrive at the campground and hook up your RV to the amenities, there’s nothing to stop you from simply kicking back and relaxing without having to worry about anything. In fact, RV camping trips can be some of the most relaxing types of trips there are. Simply pull up into a scenic area, such as by a river, and then relax back on a comfortable chair while reading a book or grilling burgers or hotdogs.

There’s just no pressure to really do anything, in contrast to flying into a new country or city where you’ll definitely feel the pressure to explore the entire city and do all of the touristy stuff you can.

Going On An RV Trip

All of this isn’t to say that RV trips don’t present their challenges, because they do just like any other kind of vacation. Learning how to drive and park an RV for the first time or how to hook up to amenities once you arrive at the campground are certainly challenges that you will face. Still, an RV trip is sure to create a truly memorable experience for you and your family for the reasons that we have covered today, so you should at least seriously consider embarking on an RV trip at least once in your life.

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