Proactive Tips to Keep You Active on a Train Ride

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We all know how it feels when you’re stuck on a long train journey and need to exercise; here are some effective ways to keep those muscles moving….

Riding a train for long periods of time often makes you feel tired and stiff. Of course, you’ll get time to nap and take a good look out the window. However, as the Vacation Times states, there are high risks of blood clots if you’re sitting down for endless hours in cramped conditions. For European getaways, train rides are the preferred method of transportation.

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From London you can hop onto the Eurostar and in a few hours, you’re in Paris! Plus, in the past years, Interrail has become a key travel trend. You can choose from around 40,000 destinations and tailor your journey to work around your adventurous aspirations. From time to time, we underestimate the effects that stationary travel has on our health. That’s why you should be open to any tips or simple exercises which you may incorporate into your journey. After all, the smallest changes make the biggest differences…

Loose Clothing

Logically, if you wear clothing that’s stuck to your body, you’re bound to feel constricted. But, if you opt for items that float then there’s a chance for prime circulation. If you’re travelling long distances, you’ll have to accept the less glamorous side of journeys. You’re not always going to look your best, so wear whatever you want to wear! No one is there to judge you; in fact, they’re probably too busy thinking about their own welfare to even notice your baggy exterior.

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The best gear to go for is cotton t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms, paired with some foot-friendly trainers. You never know where you’ll end up so heeled shoes will not work well in the long run. Walking around the carriages means you’ll get the chance to stretch your legs a lot and practical clothing options are wise; especially for trips to the bathroom. That’s why playsuits and jumpsuits are a no-go as they’re a hassle and will cause added stress to your journey.

Hydration Helps

Everyone will tell you how much hydration helps your health whilst you’re on the move. Keeping a lockdown on your water supply will keep your skin feeling fresh and your body awake. Dry skin is always a drawback to travel as the air is shut into the carriage and there’s not enough fresh oxygen around. Luckily, some train services will allow you to open the window and let the wind rush through. If that’s not the case with your journey around Europe, then take a travel-size moisturizer along and sweep it under your eyes.

When you’re keeping active, liquids will maintain momentum and existing levels of energy. You can always purchase handy water bottles from various retailers, although the train company should provide basic needs for their passengers. A hot glass of water with a slice of lemon is another travel tactic. It will dramatically boost your digestion and cleanse your liver, as well as giving you that extra kick you need to wake up and see the European scenery rushing past your window…

Simple Stretches

A core way to be proactive on a train journey is to stretch and keep the muscles happy. There are many mini-stretches you can do in a confined space. For the feet, cover them with a pair of circulation socks and keep wiggling the toes every hour.  When you’re sitting down, you can pretend to be cycling with your legs. You should have enough room in front of you to circulate the leg ligaments.

Simple stretch

It may look a little bit silly to fellow passengers, but remember, health is a priority! Another simple stretch you can do in your seat is to lift your arms above your head and reach for the sky. Allow your arms to push as far as they can and then rest them back down again. If you’re a fan of strolling around the carriages then that’s also a superb chance to stretch. Lunges and jogging on the spot will keep your blood flow active and your body awake.

Motivated Mindset

It’s not only your body that you must keep active; it’s also your mind. A healthy mind means a happy adventure ahead. Sometimes people take train trips around Europe without a clear plan in their head, which is great but may make you feel a little lost in the moment. A journal helps to write down all those fleeting thoughts rushing through your brain. Even if you’re not the type to be super organized, it’s still a great souvenir to save from your venture into the unknown.

Diary writing

By keeping yourself motivated, you’re more likely to feel positive about what’s ahead. These days, mental health has been a huge headline in the media. People are becoming more open about their daily struggles and often say that it’s better to let your words out then to keep them locked in. A journal is another form of friendship, between the pages it keeps your secrets safe and reminds you of your journey’s purpose.

Less Stress

Don’t forget why you’re on a European railway escape, you’re there to de-stress and take life as it comes. Travel should not be stressful and you should keep yourself proactive and positive. Downloading meditation podcasts always helps when you’re waiting to reach your destination as well as breathing patterns. Even if you’re not a stressful person, the travel environment itself is a distraction and may cause a domino effect.


When one person is freaking out about a delay or catching the train on time, those around them may catch onto the panic and do the same thing! Stress is unnecessary; you will get to your chosen destination in Europe on time regardless of fellow passenger’s actions. Focus on yourself and your schedule; if you begin worrying about stranger’s stress then you will disturb your inner peace. Also if you’re travelling in vehicles such as an RV, then steer away from road rage. You WILL reach your destination and it WILL be amazing! Have faith and keep your body and mind proactive at all times.

Do you know any other tips to keep active on a train ride?

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