The Most Difficult Cities in the World to Practice Fit Traveling

The world is constantly changing, and the same is the case with our planet. Due to massive development and urbanization, the world currently faces a new set of challenges associated with such development and the desire by man to improve the quality of life, with the major one being pollution.

The planet is choking with pollution more than ever, and it is still a big challenge for most cities to deal with issues associated with medical wastes, solid waste management, air pollution, water pollution, and overall cleanliness. If you have gone for passport renewal and you are interested in making some tours around the globe, here is a compilation of the dirtiest cities in the world so that you can take all the necessary precautions to ensure you stay safe and healthy while touring them-:


Port Harcourt in Nigeria


There may be very nice things going for Port Harcourt in Nigeria, but unfortunately, the city of about 1.5 million people happens to be one of the dirtiest cities in the world. Dealing with pollution is a major issue for the Nigerian government, and with the high levels of corruption in the country as well as the active participation of cartels in the waste management industry, it may be years before the world wakes up to a cleaner Port Harcourt.

There are so many companies in the city without any disregard to the environments. The once beautiful rivers are now dumpsite for chemical companies, making the waters unusable and also risking the health of the people living downstream. If you are to visit this city, be very cautious about what you eat and the water you drink.

Luanda in Angola

Luanda is the capital of Angola and it is another African city that finds itself it the list of thedirtiest cities in the world. It will shock you to know that this is one of the most expensive cities in the continent, but the waste problem makes it least admirable for most people who would like to visit or even come to establish businesses.

Cases of cholera outbreaks are rampant in the city and you never know when the next outbreak will occur. This has caused over 2,000 deaths in the recent past and if you are to visit Luanda, you have to be extra cautious with where you eat and you must restrict yourself to drinking bottled water from reputable brands. The last thing you want is to fall sick in one of the dirtiest cities in the world.

Lome in Togo


Here comes another city in African that makes it to the list of the dirtiest cities in the world. Togo is in West Africa and waste management is a well-known health hazard in this country. The area doesn’t have access to clean water and this further compounds the problems it has, with so many people being affected by water-borne diseases every now and then. In addition to that, most of the residents are fond of getting their drinking water from polluted sources, and if you are visiting and you are not cautious, you may also be served with such water.

Moscow in Russia

Moscow is not just a world city with magnificent infrastructure and lots of great systems going well for it. It also faces challenges and with a population of 13 million people, one of its greatest headaches is dealing with waste, and this earns it a spot in the list of the dirtiest cities in the world. There has a concentration of a large number of factories which contribute considerably to the air pollution, then solid waste management also lags behind when compared to other European cities.

New Delhi in India


New Delhi is a popular city in India, being the capital and the seat of the Indian government as well as the seat of the Government of New Delhi. The city was designed by British Architects in 1911 and it is currently the home to about 17 million Indians. Due to such a large population and constraint on the resources, the city is a filth heaven.

Piles of garbage as well as a site of public urination can be seen everywhere in the city and it is a common thing to see people going for short calls in the street corners without any feelings of remorse. The city also faces a major challenge when it comes to tourist accommodation since most of the hotel options are dirty, lack running water, and there is also no proper air conditioning. These are some of the things you must consider if you are going for passport renewal for a trip to India.

Baghdad in Iraq

Baghdad is the capital city of the Republic of Iraq. It is conveniently located along River Tigris and it happens to the second largest city after Cairo in the Arab world. The population of the city is estimated to be around nine million, and in addition to the security challenges it faces, it also has a serious challenge when it comes to waste management. The city is not just one of the dirtiest in the world but also holds the reputation as being one of the least habitable cities currently. The capital suffers from lack of quality drinking water, and waste management which in turn has led to wanton outbreaks of waterborne diseases, which ultimately ends up claiming lots of lives.

Mumbai in India


Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra in India and the home to about 19 million Indians. In terms of population, it is the ninth most populous city in the world and the most populous city in India. Other than the noise which has now become part and parcel of the city, there is also a lot of garbage lying around everywhere due to poor disposal methods and inefficient waste management systems. The pollution levels in the city are incredible, and if you are uncomfortable with poor quality air or you suffer from respiratory conditions, then this is a city you would desire to spend a lot of time.

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