How to Stay Fit While Travelling in an RV

Motorhomes can lead to wonderful adventures, but how do you include a fitness routine while you’re on the road? Here’s some top advice for staying fit while travelling in an RV.

Getting out on an epic road trip in your pimped-out RV can be an incredible experience, full of creature comforts and lazy temptations – almost as good as actually bringing your home with you. But sometimes, finding the time and space to stick with a recommended daily workout can be a little on the challenging side, and unless you’ve got a seriously pimped-out RV, we doubt you’ve got the space for a full gym!


Driving long distances or sitting still for lengthy periods of time can be detrimental to your health – and your new year’s resolution to do more exercise and stay fit while travelling becomes a little tricky. But help is at hand, as there are loads of fun, inexpensive and rewarding ways you can utilize to keep those pounds from piling on while enjoying the open road.

Put Together a Fit-Kit

Apart from the obvious inclusion of training shoes and fitness wear, you should be thinking about packing a space-saving fit-kit somewhere in your RV rental. You can go to town with what you want to include – as your only limitations are the space you have and your budget. We’d like to suggest a yoga-mat, jump rope and resistance bands as three, inexpensive essentials that you can pack in limited space, but afford you access to a near limitless number of exercises you can do inside and outside your vehicle.

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Ankle and wrist weights can be a useful inclusion too – but you’re not going to need much more than that to get your heart rate going.

Use all the Space

Everyone will tell you that you don’t really need gym machines, bar-bell sets or gimmicky fitness equipment to stay in shape – you just need to use the space around you. Throw that yoga mat outside in the decent weather and get into those stretches, lunges, sit-ups and pushups. Use your RV sofa for some intense crunches.


Why not use the roof ladder as a pull-up bar for biceps and triceps? You can do jumping jacks pretty much anywhere, and a long RV galley is perfect for planking. Do that every day and you’ll have a washboard stomach in a matter of weeks! There are so many exercises you can do anywhere and anytime with limited space – just use your imagination for how to get the best out of it!

Take a Hike!

Walking is perhaps one of the best ways for keeping in shape there is – particularly if you’re of advancing years and an intense interval workout is maybe not the best idea! Doctor’s recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week as the minimum an adult should be striving for – and that’s easily achievable with a brisk walk every day. So, stretch your legs, shake off that long drive and off you go!


Travelling in an RV across the country can give you access to some incredible national parks, nature reserves and hiking trails – and it would be a sin to not combine exercise and exploration. Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors while getting that blood pumping.

Take a Bike!

An even better alternative to walking is getting on your bike. You don’t need us to tell you that cycling is one of the best ways for cardiovascular exercise, and is incredible at keeping you fit and healthy while ensuring the weight doesn’t pile on. The trade-off is that you obviously need a bike and room to store it – but most RV’s worth their salt will have plenty of space inside – or out with a rear mounted bike rack.

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You could even pick up a foldable version if you’re really stuck for space. Either way, having access to two wheels is a great way to keep fit and cover more ground when you’re exploring the landscape at each stop.

Take a Break!

We all know RVers love to drive. Being behind the wheel for great distances through beautiful countryside is a thrill in itself – but you’ve got to watch for the dangers of getting carried away. Deep vein thrombosis is one serious threat, as sitting still for long periods of time can cause blood clots in your legs, which is particularly dangerous for those of a certain age or on certain medications. Tiredness can creep in too – which can be lethal when in control of any vehicle. So, just remember to take a break!


Pull over once in a while and step outside the confines of your cabin. Do some stretches by the side of the road. Go for a little walk. Jog on the spot. Whatever it takes to keep that blood flowing!

Use Campsite or Local Facilities

Most of the time you’re going to be staying on special RV campsites that cater for such vehicles and their owners. Many of these will have top-class facilities to take advantage of – with everything from a well-stocked gym to tennis courts, pitch and putt mini golf to full-sized swimming pools.


However, if you’re really hankering for a proper gym, why not explore the possibility of joining an international chain – and you can use their facilities in each place you visit. Alternatively, most larger towns will have a fitness centre somewhere, so you can have access to great facilities in whatever country you’re in – wherever you decide to stay for the night!

Finally, Food!

Last – but by no means least – is to watch your diet. What you put into your body is just as important as an exercise routine, so stick to a healthy diet of plenty of fruit and vegetables. It’s tempting to swing into drive-thru burger joints and diners when on the road, but if you’re serious about staying fit while travelling – you’ll keep on driving.

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Cook up a healthy storm in your RV kitchen instead.

Let’s hear from the RVers out there! What are your top tips for staying fit while travelling?

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