The Ski Week; A Travel Must for Snow-Loving Fitness Travellers

The Ski Week - who is it for, the opportunities that all snow loving fitness travellers can enjoy and much more helpful information.

If you’ve had the chance to experience skiing, snowboarding or winter sports of any kind then you know how much fun they can be. The thrill of the slopes, the challenge of new routes and the camaraderie is enough to get anyone hooked. Well, the good news for you is that this article will be looking specifically at The Ski Week, a one of a kind opportunity for all you snow loving fitness travelers.

What is The Ski Week?

The Ski week began is 2014 as a gathering of 400 ski and snowboard enthusiasts coming together in Obertauern, Austria to share their passions.

The organizers of the week outline that their mission is to provide the best ski experience imaginable and build a family of forward thinking, adventure-seeking, young professionals who unite under the banner of exploration and delight at the prospect of new connection.”d d

As the brand continues to expand they’re offering more ski weeks than ever before. In 2016 they actually ran four separate ski weeks in Obertauern, Hakuba, Chamonix, and Aspen.

Ski Week for Fitness

From a fitness perspective will definitely improve your balance, body awareness and coordination. You’ll also develop better core strength and control in order to maintain an upright posture.

You can also expect to develop some muscular endurance in your legs, especially your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

If you’re experienced at skiing then your movements will be more efficient, but if you’re a beginner then your less efficient movements might leave you a little out of breath from time to time, which is great if you’re looking for a cardiovascular workout. Then again, if you’re more experienced you should be on tougher slopes and push your body that bit harder to get a great workout!

*Top Tip: Allow yourself ten minutes before hitting the slopes to get a good warm up. Some dynamic stretching, joint rotations and basic bodyweight movements like squats and lunges can go a long way to keeping you injury free on the slopes.


Why else is it so awesome?

Great Staff leading the adventure

Well, for one thing, the organizers of the ski week pull zero punches when putting together a staff for the trips.

If you’re looking to improve your game on the slopes the staff list includes a freestyle ski coach, and if you’re looking for a party the list also currently includes no less than three professional DJ’s, two hosts, one hostess and a videographer. There’s even a yoga instructor for those times when you’re not on the slopes

Speaking of parties…

With Apres Ski drinks being a firm favorite part of the ski experience, The Ski Week goes out of its way to make sure that this is as enjoyable as possible.

An international Event

As ski week grows it attracts more and more people from around the world. So far the event has brought 37 different nationalities together to share ideas, stories, and experiences.

Gender balanced

The organizers make sure that places for each event are split 50/50 between men and women.


Innovative ideas

So far the company has surprised guests with unexpected things such as…

  • Custom built snow forts and arena setups
  • Snow lounges hidden in the forest
  • Secret overnight excursions to local destinations

Carefully chosen venues

The team actually puts together small ‘expeditions’ to potential destinations to explore the area and test the mountain before organizing any trips. These expeditions usually involve 10-50 avid ski and snowboard fans.

The expeditions mean that every mountain chosen has exactly what the organizers are looking for, including the ability to cater to all levels of skiing ability.


Who is it for?

Ski week is fundamentally targeted at young professionals, and the average age range for participants tends to be 20-35. With that said there’s plenty of room for the young at heart, and the company seems to make real efforts to be inclusive.

Similarly, the trips cater for both beginner and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

What else might I get up to?

  • The Ski Week organizes for certified guides to take groups off-piste as part of the cost of your holiday
  • You’ll also have access to hot tubs and yoga classes to relax
  • There’s the opportunity to ski at night on torch-lit slopes
  • The trip now includes an open air banquet with views of the mountain and local live music
  • In certain locations, there’s even the option to spend the night under the stars. You’ll start the night gathered around a campfire before retiring to your own custom-built igloo, complete with fur blankets and mulled wine

What’s the cost?

The cost for the week tends to be around €1000 for ski activities and accommodation. However, you’ll also need to budget around €30 per day for food and around €140 for ski or board hire if you haven’t brought your own with you. Plus if like a good drink in the evening then prices tend to be around €5 each.

All in a good estimate for the week is around €1200-1400 per person. (Which equates to £1050 to £1230)

As a fitness traveler, we think this holiday should pretty much tick all your boxes. You’ll get to visit a completely new destination and take in some breathtaking mountain scenery. Plus the multiple hours of skiing or snowboarding you’ll be doing every day will keep you plenty fit. On top of that, you get the opportunity to make new friends from various countries around the world and bond over a shared passion.

For us this sounds like the quintessential fitness traveling experience, though seeing as all spots for 2017 are already booked, you might want to jump on the early birds waiting list ready for next year!

Have we inspired you to try The Ski Week? Or have you already taken part? Let us know in the comments section.

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