Places Where You’ll Be Able to Keep Fit in The Coolest Ways

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Want to keep fit in the coolest ways whilst traveling the globe? Here are the best ways to do it and the best countries to keep fit in.

How do I stay fit by doing things which I love?” is a question Cez and I ask ourselves a lot. As two travelers, we know that everywhere we go there are different opportunities and places to get working out in new ways. So we thought why not put together a list of a couple of the best places to keep fit in the coolest ways? Here’s our top 5 (so far).

Water Rafting in China

Water rafting is a great way to burn calories. Did you know, for instance, that just an hour of fighting against the current in a small boat will lose you 230 calories? That’s a pretty good margin when it comes to fun/exercise. If you’re looking for the best place to go water rafting, then we recommend China, because there’s no shortage of places to get paddling throughout the whole country, and some of the spots are super awesome.

Water Rafting in China

Like the Underground Chasms of Shandong. As an only cave found and somewhat added to, it’s obviously somewhat of a tourist trap, but if you’ve ever thought that water rafting just wasn’t fun or exciting enough (we don’t know why you would think that), try hurtling through a series of cave trails at insanely fast speeds whilst also admiring the natural stalagmite formations. There’s nothing quite like it.

China is also home to several less intense rises as well. Head out to Hangzhou, where you can take a boat across the Xixi Wetlands or over the West Lake. White River Bay Rafting, near to Beijing, also offers some great water rafting experiences through the White River Bay scenic area. There’s also Tang River Rafting in Tanghekou Town.

Water Rafting

Working Out in the Philippines

The reason that we’ve popped the Philippines down here as the best place to work out isn’t that you’ll have the best equipment, or because it will be the most convenient. No, the reason we’ve picked the Philippines is that of the view. The incredible beach view.

Beach Workout

It’s the perfect place to mix up your gym routine as well. We’ve both worked out on beaches in the past, and it does make a difference. Mentally, there’s something uplifting and freeing about being out in the open looking out across the vast expanse of an ocean, especially when compared to being squished inside a clinical set of four walls. Plus, once you’ve gone ahead and finished an intense workout, you can always just walk a couple of meters down to the shoreline and jump in to cool off.

Mountain Climbing around Germany

Out next stop for places where you’ll be able to keep fit in the coolest ways is Germany, specifically Munich. We’ve picked Munich for mountain climbing because it offers a mix of views, and difficulty. You can always start with something much easier, such as Hirschberg, or go much harder and try Tegernseer Hütte by climbing up the Buchstein. However, no matter where you go, you’ll be offered some incredible view from the top. Views which will make you want to make sure that you’ve brought a camera with you.

Mountain Climbing in Germany

Hirschberg is largely a simple hike and starts from Rathaus. The climb is probably the easiest in the area for vertical climbers and should take just 3.5 hours. Once you make it to the top, you’ll be afforded incredible views of the city and lake below. Well worth the level 1 ascension.

The largest climb in the area is Rumer Spitze, which will take you up to a summit 2,454 meters above sea level. Located on the Austrian / German border, the climb will probably take you about 12.5 hours, which means two days hiking, at least. The last section of this hike requires some heavy scrambling, so be warned that it’s not for everyone.

People climbing in the mountain

Swimming in Thailand

Thailand’s climate is amazing. With warm weather pretty much year-round, and some incredible beaches known the world over, Thailand is our pick for swimming. Luckily swimming for half an hour will cause you to drop over 200 calories. Plus, besides just working out your body for the purposes of slimming down, it also helps you to tone up. Pretty much every muscle in your body is doing something whilst you’re swimming, and even standing still in a body of water.  

Swimming in Thailand

Head to Phuket on your next trip to the Southeast Asian Country, this is where you’ll find a lot of the best beaches for swimming. Of course, if you’re really into beaches and swimming in the area, pretty much all of the Southeast Asian countries offer similar experiences. We’ve just picked Thailand because it’s our favorite.

Swimming in Phuket

Cycle in Austria

If you’re looking for a good way to explore and get fit whilst traveling at the same time, then say goodbye to those taxis and hello to your new best friend: a pedal bike. Whilst out in Vienna, we actually did this for the duration of our trip. We’ve done this in a few places, but cycling in Vienna might just about have been the best. Amazing architecture, beautiful, winding streets, and some great coffee shops to stop off at if we got hungry.

Cez cycling in Austria

Next time you’re visiting a new city, make sure to hire and bike and get exploring!

Exercise Anywhere

Don’t limit yourself to what you think is normal. We’ve exercised in all sorts of places, all around the world. Don’t forget to check out your new destination either! There are a lot of ways in which you can combine exploring a new place and exercising.

woman doing exercise outdoor

Of course, if you’re keeping fit, you’re also going to want to keep an eye on your diet. We’ve found that Southeast Asian countries are pretty decent places for this. If you’re on a Paleo diet, a lot of places tend to use oils (such as palm and coconut oil) which are ok and healthy (but always make sure to ask). Plus, a lot of the food in these countries tastes incredible. It’s sometimes more than worth the trip for the food alone.

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