Keeping Fit While Travelling – 8 Low-Cal Foods for the Road

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Good nutrition is a crucial part of keeping fit while traveling. No use downing a pizza after a hike, so here are 8 delicious low-cal foods for the job.

Keeping fit while travelling is not just a question of how much exercise you’re getting. You could be swimming, hiking, biking, or anything else and still manage to put on a few pounds. That is mostly because, while on the road, you don’t exactly have the time (or the mood) to cook healthily. Many travellers resort to fast food so they avoid the drag of cooking for themselves.

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A week or two of junk food couldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. It’s quite easy to go way over your daily caloric intake with just 1 pizza with the wrong, high-calorie ingredients. So we’ve established that healthy food is a huge part of keeping fit while travelling. Let’s have a look at 8 low-calorie foods that keep you full and keep you fit!

#1 Beef Jerky

While it is definitely a sodium-rich food, beef jerky is probably the best when it comes to protein content (33 g per 100 g) and the “filling factor.” Not only is it tasty even without the myriad of different herbs and spices they can add to it but a 50 g pack (about 200 calories) can keep you full for almost half a day!

The best part (for the busiest of you) is that you don’t need to cook anything. Pack a few small bags of these for those extra long days when you won’t be around a food place. A small reminder, though. While they are definitely useful for keeping fit while travelling, don’t go overboard. It seems tempting to just eat the stuff all the time, but it could be quite hard on your stomach.

#2 Cod Fish

Another immensely protein-rich food, standing at 63g of protein per 100 g of cod. Similarly, it has a negligible amount of saturated fats (0.5 g) in the same quantity. If you’re going to step inside any restaurant, try a portion of cod fish.

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It may pack more of a punch calorie-wise (290 per 100 g). But with the amount of protein and magnesium you’re getting, you are definitely keeping fit while travelling and staying full for longer. It goes well with some broccoli, or a steamed mix of veggies to stay on the lighter side.

#3 Canned Salmon

A good rule of thumb to find filling foods for your travels is to look at the protein content of each. At 144 calories and 20.5 g of protein per 100 g of canned salmon, you’re looking at a deliciously fulfilling meal. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids will keep your heart in shape for more trekking. Plus, you can buy them cheap and in bulk for a few weeks of travel in the wild.

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You can either add the salmon to spruce up a bland salad or make some healthy sandwiches out of it. Work up some veggie magic and you will stay within your daily calorie limit, as well as get rid of the cravings for salty and unhealthy snacks.

#4 Boiled Eggs

Eggs offer a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can cook up with them. Certainly more convenient than having to cook fish to keep up with your macros. One large boiled egg (50 g) has only 78 calories, but a highly nourishing 6 grammes of protein to boot. Not to mention they contain nine essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce on its own, along with plenty of other vitamins.

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It only takes 12 minutes max to boil a few eggs for breakfast and to pack for an outdoor picnic. If you feel like there’s something missing from the menu, cut the eggs up and toss them in a veggie salad. Tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, onions, a bit of parsley for aroma, or any seasonings you prefer.

#5 Turkey Sandwiches

When it comes to keeping fit while travelling, it might seem counter-intuitive to just eat sandwiches all the time. That is if you’re not choosing the right ingredients for the mix. For example, 100 g of turkey breast meat is only 104 calories but contains a whopping 17 g of protein.

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Chop up some veggies, slap a piece of baked turkey breast between two slices of whole bread and you’re in for a treat.

#6 Popcorn

Wait, what? Right now, you’re probably wondering if you haven’t stumbled upon the wrong article. But we assure you, popcorn won’t interfere with your plan of keeping fit while travelling. Provided you don’t get the unhealthy, buttery, store-bought microwave packs. The thing is, a large bowl of it tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating a lot when in reality one cup of it is about 50 calories.


Campfire popcorn with a few of your own seasonings is a great snack. Paprika works great if you want to reduce the salt content, though feel free to experiment. All you need is some aluminium foil, some string, and 2 tbsp of vegetable oil to pop them over the fire.

#7 Greek Salad

Greek salads consistently make the lists of tasty and filling foods, and for good reason. Not only are they super easy to make, but 100 g of salad only has 101 calories. The feta cheese might be a bit of a calorie-bomb if you go all out and your salad ends up more cheese than veggies.

Greek salad

There are, of course, a few alternatives you can use if you prefer something less salty. Then again, that would make it just a plain cheese salad, with olives being the only defining “Greek” element. Regardless, you can pretty much substitute or add veggies according to your taste buds.

#8 Keeping Fit while Travelling with Trail Mix

The seasoned (no pun intended) hiker’s traditional snack, you simply can’t leave home without bringing along a pack of trail mix. Nuts and seeds are packed with filling protein, as well as contain omega-3 fatty acids, and multiple vitamins and minerals for a very well-rounded, nutritional snack.

Fruits and nuts

Many people like to add dark chocolate for a little energy boost, but if you want to go low-cal, we suggest adding some cranberries or similar fruit. Maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey if you have a notorious sweet tooth.

What’s on your traveller’s menu?

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