Want to Look Hot? Try These Sizzling Outdoor Adventures

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Try these outdoor adventures that will contribute to your staying in shape.You not only have fun, but also stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

What does it mean to look hot? The definition may be subjective, and it could differ from one person to another, or even between genders. One thing is for sure, however, looking hot always requires getting into shapeSo all the hours you put in at the gym, and the switch to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, aren’t wasted at all. But regular exercise, Pilates, yoga and other fitness routines are not the only things you can do to look hot. You can also engage in outdoor adventures that will contribute to staying in shape. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone. You not only have fun but also stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Gym Time

Rock Climbing

This is one extreme sport that will work every muscle in your body, from your arms to your abs. So what are the odds that you won’t have a rockin’ hot body after engaging in this outdoor adventure? If you move at a faster pace, you will get the cardiovascular workout that you need for the day.


For a totally exciting and challenging climb, visit the Enchanted Tower in Datil, New Mexico, a 100-foot volcanic rock overhang that is super steep with no room for taking a breather. Reach the top and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view.


That rowing machine at the gym has nothing with kayaking in the open sea, where you are against strong waves and winds. Kayak in Shetland or the west coast of Scotland, and you could be doing it under a drizzle, another challenge thrown into the mix. With this outdoor adventure, you will give your back a good workout, making it strong and shapely. Since a good posture contributes to being hot, kayaking will definitely help your cause.

Mountain Biking

Cycling through rugged terrains and rocky paths is unquestionably physically demanding. This is why it is not for the week of legs or heart. So if you want to do a lot of training in one go, and at a spectacular setting at that, go mountain biking in Moab, Utah. Get your heart rate racing, and enjoy the same benefits you will get when you’re running or doing aerobic exercise.


Scuba Diving

Swimming has always been one alternative to hitting the gym, which is why swimmers have amazing bodies. Although not all scuba divers are ripped, they still maintain a certain level of fitness. Mix it up with swimming and snorkelling, and you’re definitely going to get a good workout. Some of the best places to go diving in the UK is Scapa Flow, Blockship Tabarka, and Orkney, Scotland.


Ever heard of the ski bunny workout? It’s an activity that engages the muscles all throughout your body, and working your legs and butt. If you’re looking to burn your muscles real good, skiing is the perfect opportunity to do the ski bunny. Take on the more challenging trails in the Swiss Alps, and you will get plenty of workout.


Paddle Boarding

The very fact that you need to stay balanced on top of the paddle already requires a lot of effort from your legs. So that’s workout on that part of your body. When you start paddling yourself, you also tone your shoulders, arms and back.   

Horseback Riding

Between you and the horse, the latter is probably doing much of the workout. But staying on the horse is no joke. In fact, it will require your core and inner thighs to work, so you don’t fall off. The rest of your body may not experience as much beating as your legs, but you will definitely feel the burn.

Rorseback Riding

White Water Rafting

While kayaking keeps your back in shape, white water rafting does more than this by engaging your entire core and legs. Because of the uneven terrain and boulders you need to avoid or navigate around, you must try to stay inside the raft while rowing like crazy.


Out of all the outdoor adventures in this list, hiking is probably easier, if not the easiest. But it can definitely do more than the stair-climber you use at the gym. It can give your entire body a good workout  while keeping your buns firm and tight.


In-line Skating

Unlike high-intensity outdoor activities, in-line skating tones your buns and thighs without hurting your knees in the process. What is even better is that it can burn 816 calories per hour.

Who wouldn’t look hot with these fun outdoor activities? What’s your favourite?  

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  • I’ve only ever tried rock climbing on those indoor wall thingies, but I love kayaking, biking, paddleboarding, horseback riding, white water rafting + hiking! I haven’t done a bunch of those (other than hiking) in a long while, but I am hopeful, haha. *-*

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