The Huge Fitness Mistake Most Travellers Make (And 3 Easy Ways to Avoid it)

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Just because your normal routine has been thrown out of the window doesn’t mean your health and fitness has to go the same way. Here are our top three ways to avoid this mistake.

Going travelling is an amazing experience, it’s a break from normal day to day life and you’re free to live as you please. No more clocking in and out of work, no more papers due, no more rules and regulations. Here’s the problem, though, with all this freedom there’s also the strong chance that you’ll break your exercise habits too, sabotaging all the hard work and effort that you’ve put in.

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Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! Just because your normal routine has been thrown out of the window doesn’t mean your health and fitness has to go the same way. Here are our top three ways to avoid this mistake.

 #1 Stop the excuses and stay focused ?

❌ There’s no gym.
❌ I don’t have the time.
❌ I don’t know what to do.
❌ Exercise would be anti-social.

All of these are perfect examples of rubbish excuses that you need to get out of your head, right from the start. If you’ve read our other articles on resistance bands, tabata, the 5 exercise workout and Must Do Fitness activities then we’ve solved every single one of those problems for you already!

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Keeping fit during your travels is all about being open minded and flexible with regards to your training. You might not be able to do exactly what you were doing at home, but there will still be loads of other things you can do to keep fit, and doing something is always 100% better than doing nothing.

#2 Drink Water (Lots of it) ?

Coca-cola is the most recognised brand in the world, available in almost every single country worldwide. it’s quick, easy and tastes great. The problem is that it’s no help whatsoever for your health and fitness goals.

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As essential as water is for the human body, it’s also one of the first things to be forgotten by most travellers. It gets replaced by sugary drinks during the day and by alcohol at night. Combine that with all the extra walking and moving you’ll be doing, plus the temperature of whichever country you’re exploring and suddenly you’ve got a case of chronic dehydration on your hands. If you want to maintain your health and fitness then make a conscious effort to drink a glass of water at least five times per day. Ideally, you’ll also carry a big bottle of water with you throughout the day as well.

#3 Find good quality food?

Just like with water, healthy good quality food is also pretty quick to be forgotten when we’re travelling, Plus to be fair there are definitely difficulties when it comes to consistent healthy eating.

  • Some places might not have many shops
  • You might not have a kitchen to cook in
  • Food might be more expensive
  • You might be on a bus or train or in a car for most of the day.

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But there are always ways around these problems, you just need to make food (and your health) a priority. If some places don’t have shops, then you’ll need to stock up a bit more when you find one. You’ll have to buy pre-made foods or nuts, sandwiches, fruit and other items that you can store in your backpack, if some places you stay don’t have a kitchen (or you’re on a bus all day). If food is more expensive then you’ll have to increase your food budget, which may require turning down the occasional evening activity.

So, the biggest fitness mistake that travellers make is letting good habits disappear during their travels; neglecting fitness training, forgetting to drink water and not eating good quality food. But with enough effort and enough forward planning, it’s absolutely possible to avoid these mistakes. It all comes down to where your priorities are, and if you’re willing to put in the effort.

What’s your biggest fitness mistake you make when travelling?

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