How to keep fit whilst on a cruise ship

You’ve always dreamt of experiencing the glitz, glamour, and no holds barred atmosphere of a cruise, but the expense of it had always put this dream out of reach for you.

Until last week, that is. You found a last minute deal on a cruise holiday you couldn’t refuse and pulled the trigger – tickets booked! As you begin your preparations to hit the high seas, though, you are concerned for the well-being of your abs, as this environment is known for its hedonism.

Is it even possible to keep fit whilst on a cruise ship? By sticking to a few rules of thumb, not only will you emerge from your trip in good shape, but you’ll have a blast as well. Let’s get into it below…

1) Opt for whole foods at most meals

80% of a healthy lifestyle is determined by the foods you eat and their quantity. Unfortunately, much of the focus on cruise ships is on mindless hedonism, meaning there is no shortage of pizza, cakes, cookies, and other sources of simple carbs. We’re not telling you to deny yourself these treats for the duration of the entire cruise – just see for them what they are – treats. Most of your meals should have plenty of lean meats, salad, fresh fruit, and complex carb sources like oatmeal or sweet potato.

Feel free to have a cheat meal or two sprinkled in where you can feel free to indulge in chocolate cake or grilled cheese sandwiches if you want – but revert back to your calories wise ways afterwards.

2) Avoid the Midnight buffets

Thinking about hitting the kitchen for the infamous Midnight buffet? Apart from many boats discontinuing the practice, consuming calories right before bed can mean more of them will end up on your waistline.

Your metabolism may not slow drastically at night, but it is noticeably lower than during the peak of the day – help out your body by not piling on extra calories at the worst time.

3) Take it easy on the booze

Many also take advantage of the free drinks cruise lines offer their patrons – this may create a lively atmosphere, but take steps to limit the damage before indulging. Steer clear of calorie-packed cocktails and opt instead for dry red wines, light beer, or straight liquor with seltzer/on the rocks.

Take your time when drinking, and consume a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage you consume. This way, you won’t just reduce your calorie intake, but you’ll feel better in the morning as well.

4) Use available exercise facilities

Most modern cruise liners offer gyms with state of the art facilities. From racks filled with free weights to treadmills which track every important cardio stat, you can fit in your daily exercise on your temporary floating home just as easily as you do back home.

Unlike your usual morning routine, though, you won’t have to rush into work shortly afterwards, you take your time and get in your reps.

5) Choose shore excursions with an element of physical activity

Throughout the course of your cruise, you’ll call on several ports, each of which offers an array of amazing attractions. When selecting the shore excursion you want to go on, opt for one which will keep you active.

Examples of these sorts of activities include walking tours around the historic centre of a European city, hiking through a Caribbean rainforest, or kayaking up to the toe of an Alaskan glacier – by having fun, staying fit whilst on a cruise holiday can be an easier task than you think.

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