A Guide for Vegans in Berlin

Berlin is a vegan-friendly city with many options for vegans. You can find restaurants, food markets and even vegan clothing there.

If you ever planned a visit to one of the most popular cities in Europe, the capital of Germany, you won’t be disappointed. Berlin is the biggest city in Germany offering amazing sights and activities. It’s particularly popular city among people who love architecture as you can see wonderful buildings at every turn. Also, Berlin is a historic city that had a crucial role in forming European history. If you’re a vegan, then you know the hustle when visiting a new city. Some cities don’t have much to offer when it comes to vegan food, but is it the case with Berlin?

Cycling in Berlin
Cycling in Berlin.

In this article, I would love to provide you with a complete guide for vegans who plan to visit this iconic city.

Is Berlin a Vegan-Friendly City?

The first question that arises in your mind should be: is the city a vegan-friendly offering many options when it comes to vegan food? You can find Berlin in many different vegan magazines listed as a vegan mecca. You can find many vegan restaurants and cafes that are offering authentic and delicious vegan food.

Is Berlin a vegan-friendly city?

Also, there are many vegan food shops where you can choose fresh food and prepare your meals. If you’re working on the road, don’t worry as many cafes are suitable for work and offering coffee specially designed for vegans. German people become very aware of the food and nutrition, so there is a vegan movement going on in Berlin. You will be able to see the billboards around the city that are promoting vegan food. We would say that Berlin is one of the most vegan-friendly cities we have a chance to visit.

La Stella Nera

If you love Italian food, what’s the better thing then check the authentic Italian restaurant that is offering only a vegan food? Although the restaurant doesn’t have a huge menu with many options, you will find the most iconic Italian food – pasta and pizza. Their super friendly staff makes this restaurant even better. If you have any food-related questions or want to know more about preparation process, they’re professionals and will be able to give you the answers.

vegetable pizza
Vegan pizza is a healthy and delicious option.

We advise you to try their special pizza that is slowly prepared in a wood-fired oven. You can choose between different vegetable toppings and cheese type. If you’re a beer lover, this place offers a fantastic German craft beer. The restaurant is perfect for lunch as it has the most items on the menu during the lunchtime with some delicious desserts. The only thing you should do before eating there is to make a reservation as they are usually full.

Lab Kitchen

What could be the better way to kickstart your day than having a healthy vegan breakfast? Lab Kitchen is an interesting vegan restaurant that is decorated uniquely. Everything inside the restaurant reflects a healthy way of life. The staff is very friendly and helpful and everyone knows a lot about health and nutrition. You can learn a lot about the food while trying their specialities from the menu.

vegan sandwich
Try out a vegan burger in Lab Kitchen and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s not like a regular restaurant and you don’t expect to find there anything refined like sugar. Their coffee and tea selection is massive and the milk they are using is only plant-based. The restaurant has a huge selection of salads that are mixed with fresh ingredients and healthy toppings. We advise you to try their vegan burger, but if you’re not a fan of western food, then everything from the menu will do the job. Another great thing to know about this place is that the prices are more than affordable regarding western standards.

Chay Village

We know there are many Asian food lovers over here. Imagine you’re eating your favourite Asian dish in a vegan version. What could be better than that? Chay Village is definitely the place you’re looking for. The restaurant is located in an attractive location, so be sure to make a reservation before you go as the majority of tables are always taken.

What do you think about Asian vegan food?

They have a vegan and vegetarian menu that offers a variety of Asian food with the emphasis on Vietnamese cuisine. They have tasty vegan soup and salads as well as their popular noodle dishes. The restaurant is very cheap compared to other vegan restaurants in Berlin. The only downside is that they don’t have a WiFi for their customers, but you wanted an amazing food experience, right?

Dr. Pogo Vegan Kollectiv

If you’re tired of full restaurants and want to have a different experience, then you should probably consider Dr. Pogo Vegan Kollectiv. This place is a vegan grocery store where you can choose between many different ingredients. The place is working as a buffet and you can choose any amount of healthy food to put in the container. You pay by the weight and the food isn’t so cheap.

vegetables market
Check out some of the most interesting food markets.

This one has so many choices of food, so sometimes it could be really hard to pick the something. The place has a few sitting spots with a fast internet connection, so if you have some work to do, you can be productive there while eating a healthy vegan food. They are also offering a variety of vegan meats, cheese and even a vegan pet food.

Other Options

We just listed a few interesting places where to eat as a vegan. Berlin is the vegan mecca which means it has more than 300 vegan restaurants and places around the city. It’s effortless to locate an interesting restaurant or food market around. There are also many vegan events that serve as gatherings of vegans who are sharing their knowledge with the community. It’s a perfect way to learn more about the food and healthy living. If you plan to spend more time in Berlin, then you should definitely check The Turkish Market.

St Mary's Church
If you’re a vegan, then you simply can’t miss with Berlin.

That place is opened on Tuesday and Friday and it’s a food market. It’s filled with people every time and you can find many spices, teas, vegetables, fruits that will be perfect for preparing your favorite meal.

Have you ever been to Berlin? What’s your favourite place to eat a vegan food?

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