How to Get Fit Cheaply Anywhere in the World

Meditating in the beach
If you struggle with getting fit on your travels, then this guide is definitely for you! Check out how to get fit and healthy at affordable price anywhere in the world.

More and more people realize the importance of healthy living in their lives. They started implementing healthy routines in their lives like regular exercising, meditation and healthy eating. It’s perfect when you set a routine and stick to it.
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The thing with routine is that majority of people don’t stick to it once they are on the trip. The reasons differ, but people often give up a healthy lifestyle because of budget or time problems on the trip. We know it’s a real struggle to live healthy on the road, but you can easily implement that with a bit of discipline. Also, don’t think you’ll need a lot of money to stay fit and healthy on the road. That simply isn’t the case and you can get fit anywhere in the world even if you’re on a strict budget. 

#1 Bodyweight Training Routine

Looking for a gym in a new place can be an exhausting process as it could be hard to find the gym near your place. If you’re on a strict budget, then you know the importance of every penny which doesn’t go along with often expensive gym memberships.

Beach workout routine
You can do a bodyweight training routine anywhere for free,

A bodyweight training routine is an ideal way to get fit on the road as it gives you an ultimate freedom. Your training won’t depend on a location or working hours and also, you can train for free. This kind of workout is perfect for people who’re just starting out as they will experience the most benefits. All exercises are compound movements which mean many muscles are working making the exercises more effective. You can perform bodyweight exercises without any equipment anywhere in the world.
Stretching on the beach
It could be your hotel room or beach, doesn’t matter, but be sure to invest at least 30 minutes per workout. We advise you always to organize your workouts like a HIIT workout as you’ll get the best results in a given time. Combine few exercises in circles and don’t rest between exercises. You will feel crazy burning sensation going through your body after each HIIT workout.

#2 Eat Like a Local

No matter where you are, the most affordable and healthiest way to eat anywhere is by eating where the locals eat. If you’re new to a place, the best bet is to ask local people for advice where to eat. Depending on the country you’re visiting, there are always the variety of local food you can pick. The food is usually cheaper compared to the restaurants and you will have a huge choice of healthy food in front of you. For instance, Asia is a great example of delicious and healthy food choices.

Delicious Food
Locals usually prepare a healthy food that can be bought for a cheap price.

You can find many street food stands and food markets around each place offering amazing healthy food. The restaurants offer the same food, but the huge difference is in the preparation process. Locals know to prepare their food to have all the nutrients and taste. Also, you don’t need to worry about food poisoning as locals are making dishes using fresh food.

#3 Running Sessions

Running is one of the most favorite activity among travelers that’ll make you fit. It’s an ideal way to explore new destinations from the whole different perspective. You don’t need to have any equipment except a pair of comfortable running shoes that will make your running sessions more enjoyable.

Running sessions will help you tremendously if your goal is to get fit and healthy.

There is no need to spend a lot of time on running as a few 30-minute daily sessions will do the job. Most people get bored with running on a treadmill or Olympic circles and give up running very quickly. We don’t like to run in the same environment each session, so we mix the things up a bit. Whenever we arrive at a new destination, we tend to find a few interesting routes through the nature that will introduce you better to the location. We advise you to explore beaches, forests and different neighborhoods to learn about the destination and their culture. Also, you won’t only benefit in improving your global knowledge, but your health and form will improve with each session. Running is a healthy and cheap activity anyone can do to experience many health benefits.

#4 Skip Junk Food

It can be tempting passing by your favorite fast food restaurant and not enter. Many people believe they don’t have enough time to eat healthy, so they find the alternative in fast food restaurants.

Junk food is filled with tons of sugar and empty calories, so it’s better to skip it.

The food there is extremely unhealthy, filled with empty calories and chemicals. It can cause many health problems as well as food addiction. Have you ever heard of a fit and healthy person who is constantly eating junk food? We’re not telling you that you should completely avoid junk food at once, but limit the intake. If you’re following a strict diet, then a junk food meal here and there would be a solid choice to recharge your body with calories. The funny fact is that junk food is usually a way more expensive than local food alternatives. Many coffee lovers don’t know the coffee can be a junk food too. The main reason that places the food in this category is sugar, the king of empty calories. An average American adult consumes around 80 grams of sugar per day which is equal to 320 calories. Avoid it by ordering a black coffee with plant-based milk.

#5 Drink Water

In the most places around the world, the water is free or extremely cheap. It’s the best drink you can get if your goal is to get fit and healthy. The human body is made from around 55% of water, so drinking enough water is crucial for proper body functioning. Replace all soft drinks with water and you will reap the benefits.

a glass of water
Water is essential liquid for human body and you can’t function well if you’re dehydrated.

It will be much cheaper and healthier option as you won’t intake so much sugar and empty calories during the days. Many people reported a huge weight loss and improved energy levels simply by drinking only water. Aim to drink around 3 liters of water daily to make your body hydrated.

What’s your advice to get fit and healthy for the affordable price anywhere in the world?

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