Most Fitness Challenging Hiking Trails in the World

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If the regular hiking trails are too easy for you, then it’s time to check some of the most fitness challenging hiking trails in the world!

People who love to spend time in nature and participate in outdoor activities probably tried hiking several times in their lives. This activity is ideal for people who take care of their health while taking part in the amazing experience. There are many popular hiking trails around the world offering stunning views of natural beauty.

Also, some of the trails are easier to finish, while for others you’ll need to have a solid fitness level and endurance. The more challenging the trail is, the better experience you’ll have once you reach the top. You will be able to see an untouched nature and whole different world there. It’s told when something is more challenging; it gives better rewards at the end.

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We can tell you that’s a complete truth when it comes to hiking and here’s the list of most fitness challenging hiking trails you can try. We advise you not to go on any of these hiking trails before you do an extensive research and reach solid fitness levels.

#1 Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail is located in Grand Canyon, AZ and the length of the hike is around 30 kilometres. However, it’s not the longest or highest hiking trail in the world; Bright Angel Trail is extremely challenging because you’re descending into the canyon. When you reach the deepest point, you’ll need to climb back up. Once you start on your trail, there is no water available until you reach a Phantom Ranch located on the first half of the route.

Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon

You can refresh yourself with drinks and delicious food there as well as rent a tent spot to camp for the night. It’s tough to reach the bottom and get back to the top in one day. Be sure to have enough water with yourself as the temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Each year, the service records around 250 cases of dehydration on this hiking trail. You must be sure that your leg muscles are well trained and can endure constant descent and then ascent.

#2 Ruckel Ridge Loop

Another beautiful but at the same time very fitness challenging trail is called Ruckel Ridge Loop which is located in the American state of Oregon. The trail itself isn’t the most challenging hiking trail on the list in terms of conditions on the trail. The reason this hiking trail is placed high on the list is that it will provide you with the amazing workout. The length of the trail is around 15 kilometres, but expect a few trail parts with totally different elevation which makes this trail a challenge.

Ruckel Ridge Loop in Oregon

At the beginning of the hike, expect to continue climbing for 6 kilometres to reach the Catwalk. Catwalk is a tiny path that will lead you to the Benson Plateau that features unreal views over nature. In some places, you will need to use whole of your body to advance further meaning the trail provides you with a full-body workout.  

#3 Kilimanjaro Summit

Reaching Kilimanjaro Summit is the dream of every adventurer who loves to travel around the world. It’s the highest peak of African continent located in Tanzania. To reach Uhuru peak that is almost 6 kilometres above sea level, you need to have serious fitness level. There are 7 different routes that can be used to reach the peak. It will take you anywhere from five to nine days to reach the peak because you need to adapt to thinner air as you’re approaching the top.

Kilimanjaro peak called Uhuru

Majority of routes are designed like steps which means that you should be prepared for a few leg workouts in a row. Kilimanjaro isn’t a joke and you should be really prepared physically and mentally to overcome all the obstacles to the top. The best time to start with your climbing Kilimanjaro is between June and October as these months have the lowest snow cover.

#4 The Maze

The Maze, as the name suggests, is a very challenging hiking trail located in Canyonlands, UT. The hiking trail is challenging by itself as there are many routes available with many dead-ends along the way. It’s a canyon, so you will move descending to reach the bottom of the canyon. The whole hike can be around 20 kilometres long and for the most of your time, you will walk on the curves. Not only you should have high fitness levels, but you must know how to navigate yourself with GPS or available maps. Otherwise, the hike may get way longer!

The Maze, an extreme hiking trail

The terrain there is very challenging as the elevation is constantly changing. When you combine it with extreme temperatures and lack of water sources in the canyon, this hiking trail is only for the most advanced fitness athletes. It’s advisable to do a preparation process before taking part in this hike. Also, always inform your friends and family that you’re going to take a hike through breathtaking Maze. If you still didn’t take this hiking trail seriously, there is an interesting movie based on a true story called 127 hours and it should serve as a warning.

#5 Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe offering many fantastic and challenging trails along the way to its top, or around. If you’re an advanced hiker with solid fitness levels, then you can consider taking a trail to the summit.

Tour du Mont Blanc

The total length of Tour du Mont Blanc is around 170 kilometres providing you with stunning views of France, Italy and Switzerland. There is no need for camping as every village has restaurants and accommodation for everyone’s budget. This hiking route can last for few weeks, so be sure that your fitness and endurance levels are on point.

What was the most fitness challenging hiking trail you’ve ever tried?

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