Where Active Men Should Go for a Fit and Healthy Holiday

Where should you go on holiday if you want to stay fit and healthy? Check out our these five best places around the world.

Many travellers decide to take care of their body and health, even during travels and vacations. That’s exactly what we are advocating for on this blog.

It’s not that hard to stick to the routine of healthy eating and regular training while living in your home city, but what about staying on track while travelling? After all the hard work you put in, to forge a fit and healthy body, the last thing you want is to ruin your progress during a holiday.

It doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself from enjoying traditional food or simply relaxing on the beach all day long. No. You can definitely allow yourself days and experiences like these.

After all, you’re on the vacation to relax and recharge your energy levels, right? You can easily continue with your healthy routine that will boost your health and fitness levels even further if you pick the right destination.

To integrate your routine into the vacation, you should definitely visit a destination that is ideal for active men. This article will be all about destinations that active men should definitely pick for a fit and healthy holiday.

#1 Thailand

Thailand, or The Land of Smiles, is an ideal destination for men who want to relax from their regular routine, but still, take care of their health. Thailand has different regions where you can take part in fitness challenging activities that will promote your health.

Men who’re planning a trip to northern provinces should definitely explore surrounding mountains and jungles. There are challenging hiking trails where you’ll explore the beauty of nature and stunning views. Also, you can sign in an Absolute Fitness Bootcamp that is specially designed for travellers who want to enhance their fitness levels.

Travelers who’re more into water activities should definitely seek their perfect holiday destination on southern islands. You can participate in activities like swimming, snorkeling, running on the beach or group bodyweight workouts.

If you struggle with healthy eating during your vacations, don’t worry as Thai traditional food is healthy and nutrient rich. In addition, sign up for Muay Thai classes, an excellent way to learn self-defence and have an intense workout.

#2 California

City of Angels is a dream destination for men who want to stay fit during their holiday. California, and especially Los Angeles, is one of the most attractive places for surfers as the waves are perfect for any surfing skill, all year round. Surfing is a healthy activity that will definitely serve as an intense workout while you ride these waves.

Venice Beach is the place where active men should definitely spend their time on the vacation. There is a Muscle Beach Gym where you can do a strength workout with the weights and meet other active people.

A whole boardwalk on Venice Beach is furnished for walking, running and cycling which means you can have a healthy exploration of this iconic beach. In addition, there is an outdoor gymnast gym where you can perform an intense bodyweight workout and stretching routine.

Have you ever thought of climbing to Hollywood Sign? Many furnished hiking trails will definitely give you a fantastic workout while providing you with breathtaking views of the city.

#3 Portugal

Portugal is a staggering country with a historical culture that is attracting millions of travellers who want to have a fit and healthy holiday. With a little effort and discipline, you can easily stay healthy during your stay in Portugal.

Many healthy activities will promote your fitness levels as the country offers so many stunning natural landscapes, endless sandy beaches, and variety of water sports. The Atlantic Ocean is never too far from you in Portugal, and if you combine that with a subtropical climate, you get a perfect surfing place.

For men who can’t surf, Portugal has hundreds of surfing schools where professionals will teach you to ride the waves. Adventure travelers should definitely try other health promoting water sports like windsurfing, water-skiing or diving to explore the undersea life.

Portugal has demanding hiking trails, and one of the most fitness challenging trails is Lousa Mountain that offers breathtaking views of nature. If you struggle with a healthy diet during vacation, don’t be worried as Portugal traditional food is based mainly on seafood that is full of minerals and proteins.

#4 India

India is known for exotic temples in the jungles, and to explore them you’ll need to take a hike overcoming various obstacles. Travellers who plan a trip in the northern parts of India should definitely hike to the mountains that are part of the Indian Himalayan region. Reaching the peaks will provide you with the ultimate workout as you’ll need to combine a wide variety of skills.

Men who are more into water activities should check southwestern parts of India which are covered with sandy beaches and palm trees. You can participate in water activities like surfing, swimming, diving while enjoying tropical food and relaxing environment.

For most adventurous travellers, there are intense fitness activities like rafting at Tons Valley or taking a hike through dunes at Jaisalmer. Most travellers struggle with keeping a healthy diet on the trip, but Indian food is healthy in general which is perfect for men who love to eat traditional food.

#5 Hawaii

Hawaii is an attractive destination for active men who’re seeking for an active holiday while participating in many leisure activities. There is a wide choice of fitness challenging activities you can try on this spectacular island.

The island offers many stunning views of surrounding landscape and mountains with furnished hiking trails. The most physically demanding hike you should definitely take is called Haiku Stairs trail.

Hawaii is a popular destination for its wide choice of water activities in the Pacific Ocean. You can try to ride the waves, and it’s fascinating that everyone can find a perfect surfing spot for their skill levels around the island.

If you’re more into exploring the undersea life, then you should go snorkelling or diving and wander the coral bottom.

What’s your favourite place to visit for a healthy and fit holiday?

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