Fit and Healthy Exploration of Prague

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Do you plan to visit Prague soon? If so, here is a creative guide how to do a healthy exploration of this city.

If you ever find yourself in a historical and one of the most beautiful European cities Prague, believe us there is so much to see and explore. Art lovers will find their thing in numerous museums around the city, food lovers can taste their delicious cuisine, architecture lovers can just walk through the city and wonder. There is something for everyone in Prague and that’s one of the reasons why Prague is so special.


What about people who are taking care of their health? Would they find something for themselves in Prague? Prague has so many options available, and yeah, people who care about their health will definitely fall in love with the city.


It has many vegan and healthy restaurants, cafes, attractions, hiking trails and every location is close to another. In this article, we’d love to share some tips how you can explore Prague while staying fit and healthy.

#1 Explore the City by Walk

Prague has an interesting composition of main attractions as every interesting thing to see is placed in a walking distance. Of course, you can take public transportation or taxi to visit all the attractions, but believe us, the experience is so much better when you walk. Depending on your staying location in Prague, we advise you to take a tram or bus to reach the Old Town Square area. From the main square, you can take a walk and experience Czech culture in a whole different way.

Lennon Wall in Prague

Basically, the city centre is designed for walking and filled with many entertainers and restaurant along the way. The best location to start with the exploration is Old Town Square. You can also sit in a restaurant or café to kickstart your exploration process as the square is full of interesting eating options. When you’re done with an exploration of the square, head to the Charles Bridge and Castle.


There are many stairways to reach the castle which will give you a good heart pump and muscle burn, but it’s totally worth it as you’ll have stunning views of the city from there.

#2 Healthy Restaurants and Cafes

Prague is a vegan-friendly city with many healthy restaurants and cafes around. Czech people are aware of the impact of healthy food on their health, so it won’t be hard to eat healthy for an affordable price in Prague.

Healthy meal in Prague

There are literally restaurants and cafes on every corner and you can find in almost any restaurant a healthy substitute for Czech cuisine. If you start your exploration from Old Town Square, then you should definitely sit down and relax in a vegan restaurant called Country Life. It’s located on the main square and there is a vegan buffet available so that you can combine your own fresh and healthy meals.


Also, they are serving tasty coffee with plant-based milk which is the perfect way to start with your exploration. If you don’t prefer to eat in the restaurants or you don’t have a budget, you can buy fresh food for home and prepare it for yourself. Country Life has a vegan food shop in the back, so go there and pick something that will suit your needs. Also, Prague has many healthy food shops around which makes it easy for everyone who wants to eat healthy.

#3 Climb to the Top of Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill is overlooking Prague and has a miniature Eiffel tower on the top of the hill. The hill is 330 meters high and if you take a hike, you’ll need around one hour to reach the top. There are two options to reach the top, by taking a hike or railway. We advise you always to take a hike when you’re going upside as the hill isn’t steep, but it’s perfect for your fitness and condition. There are many trails around as the whole hill is decorated as a park, so you can always take a rest on the bench, eat and overlook the beautiful Prague.


Once you almost reached the top, prepare yourself for many stairs that will exhaust your leg muscles. At the top of the hill, there is a miniature Eiffel tower, mirror maze and observatory with creative parks around. There are some interesting activities you can do on the top of the hill, but we would say the most rewarding one is to overlook the city during the night. If you’re too tired to hike down, you can take a railway that is free if you have a public transportation ticket. It’s one of the best ways to challenge your fitness levels while exploring the beauty of Prague at the same time.

#4 Rent a Bicycle

Prague is a bicycle-friendly city with many biking trails around it. There is an interesting bicycle sharing system available in Prague called Rekola. You can find many places around the city with pink bicycles. First 15 minutes are free, while you pay if you want to cycle for a longer period. The interesting thing is that you can navigate the Rekola places on the Google Maps which means you can explore the whole city for free. Also, they have an interactive application that shows you different trails you can explore by bike and free bikes by places around the city. It’s also possible to explore all the attractions by bike, but you should be careful as these attractions are usually full of people so it may be a struggle to ride a bike there.

Healthy Ways to Explore Prague

There are many healthy options to explore this beautiful European city. Prague is a very open city when it comes to healthy living which means there are many bicycle trails around with interesting restaurants where you can eat healthy food for a low price. Attractions are located one by other, so it isn’t a problem to explore them on your foot.

What’s your favourite fit and healthy way to explore Prague? Do you have any additional pieces of advice?

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