Exploring America’s Natural Wonders by Glamping

Choosing a travel destination can be one of the most difficult feats for lovers of the outdoors, especially when trying to pick a spot in America. With its 50 states boasting a mind-boggling variety of landscapes, towns, activities, landmarks, and price points, the United States is a country that can leave ambitious travelers feeling overwhelmed. One of the greatest tips for choosing a location to visit in the US is to first whittle the decision making process down to the type of outdoor activity that one wishes to enjoy during their holidays. Would you rather spend your vacation paddle boarding on a quiet lake in the mountains, or are you hoping to encounter high heats from a campsite in the middle of the desert? These questions are important to answer before diving into the difficult business of planning a trip.

Luckily, America has no shortage of unique glamping accommodations in nature to lodge travelers wishing to spend their holidays enjoying and exerting themselves in the outdoors. There are countless glamping sites that are perfectly equipped to meet the needs of those who need a quiet and comforting space to come home to after a long day of taxing physical effort. Before choosing a dreamy cabin to treat yourselves in, you must first determine what sort of outdoor adventures you will embark on.

Chasing Waterfalls in New York

There is perhaps nothing more breathtaking than the sight of a cascade tumbling down with unmatched intensity. Globetrotters travel far and wide to enjoy that very feeling and lay eyes on the many waterfalls that grace the state of New York. There are a variety of state parks that are home to these natural wonders and offer visitors unobstructed views of the impressive waterworks. The Chittenango State Park is located in central New York and boasts a 167ft waterfall, along with fishing and hiking for enthusiasts to enjoy. Geology lovers do not miss the chance to discover the ancient granite formations carved by the AuSable River waterfalls in the Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington, New York. Finally, one cannot forget to honor the world famous Niagara Falls State Park. Located in the northern region of New York, Niagara Falls is America’s oldest state park and can receive upwards of nine million nature lovers a year.

Carefully choosing the right accommodation is vital in a highly-visited state like New York. Choosing to be lodged close to nature is a decision that no one has ever regretted making. There are countless getaway cabins in New York available to meet active travelers’ every needs during their pursuit of the nation’s grandest waterfalls and cascades. These cabins offer exclusive insights on what it really means to experience New York as a local who lives amongst such extraordinary natural wonders.

River Adventures in Arkansas

Nothing says summertime like swimming, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and canoeing. These are physically demanding outdoor hobbies reserved for the warmest and, arguably, the best months of the year. Arkansas may very well be one of the best states to travel to if searching for a river adventure. The state has over 9,000 miles of streams and rivers that are viable for all sorts of water activities. Some of the most famous waterways are the Arkansas River, the Mississippi River, and the Buffalo National River, which was actually the United States’ first federally protected stream. Fishing enthusiasts from all over the country get to floating on the Little Red, White, North Fork, and Spring Rivers to fish for trout and partake in large annual fishing tournaments.

Imagine spending the day rowing and paddling in Arkansas’ brisk river waters before snuggling up in your private cabin, complete with a hot tub! There is no greater feeling than sinking into a warm, bubbly jacuzzi after having exerted yourself in cool waters for hours on end. Besides, the point of going on holidays is to treat ourselves, even while maintaining fitness goals!

Mountain Biking in Michigan

Biking is perhaps one of the most common and fun ways to stay in shape while travelling. What better way is there to visit a new destination while doing intense cardio and working up a sweat? Mountain biking is a favorite amongst outdoor travelers who aren’t afraid of picking up the speed while discovering gorgeous, unique sceneries. The state of Michigan is the perfect location for glampers who want to spin their wheels and enjoy the wonders of a luxurious vacation in nature.

With a vast network of around 100 mountain biking trails, Michigan is one of the most popular destinations for mountain biking in the United States for novice and expert riders alike. There are countless trail options for bikers to choose from with diverse terrains and difficulty levels that allow all vacationers to try their hand at the sport. The Potawatomi Trail is the most popular in southeast Michigan with 17.5 miles of challenging yet breathtakingly beautiful trails that pass over hills, streams, lakes, and deep forests. Avid thrill seekers often choose to ride the Copper Harbor Trails, which were rated amongst the top 10 best mountain biking trails in the United States. These trails vary in terrain and are ideal for riders ranging from intermediate to advanced levels. Finally, many fit glampers choose to hit the Hanson Hills for its versatile topography that accommodate for both novice and advanced riders. The 24 miles of biking loops are free to the public and are color-coded to facilitate navigation. This is the ideal location for travelers who want to get their first taste of mountain biking while enjoying a physically active stay in Michigan.

Every speed racer needs a cozy place to relax their tired muscles at the end of an adrenaline-filled day. Fortunately, Michigan is chalk-full of cabin rentals and unique accommodations that ensure travelers have the ultimate outdoor living experience while on their mountain biking adventures. These cabins are the ideal accommodations for travelers seeking to spend their days biking away on Michigan’s numerous quality trails before enjoying a night in a cozy cabin to rest their tired legs and reminisce on an adventure well spent.

Hiking in Yosemite, California

There is one physical activity that has been a traditional travel recreation since the dawn of all time, and that is hiking. There is not one active outdoor enthusiast out there who has not gone hiking, whether it be in the mountains, the desert, or the countryside. One prime location to encounter the best hiking trails in the United States is of course Yosemite National Park in California. Yosemite encompasses 1,200 square miles of undisturbed valleys, forests, wilderness areas, and the High Sierra mountains, and was officially designated a world heritage site in 1984, making it an indisputable winner in the realm of hiking and outdoor recreation.

The Yosemite Wilderness area has over 750 miles of trails fit for hiking, backpacking, and camping. The hiking trails vary in difficulty, from leisurely strolls to taxing treks that leave hikers feeling victorious and exhausted after reaching their summits. The park is divided into five sections for hikers to choose from, and they often choose to spend several days in the area in order to fully enjoy the hiking opportunities offered by this vast National Park. A popular way of going on vacation in the US is to rent a cabin or other unique accommodation close to nature to fully enjoy the proximity to nature that a hiking trip can offer.

These glamping cabins are all conveniently situated to provide guests with direct access to Yosemite while offering a restful isolation from the outside world. These glamping sites are exemplar accommodations for travelers who like to spend their outdoor adventures in the quiet comforts of undisturbed nature.

Climbing in Colorado

Mountain biking and hiking are without a doubt very physically taxing activities, however a case should also be made for mountain climbing as a fool-proof way to stay fit and active while traveling outdoors. With thousands of miles of hiking trails in 41 state parks, 12 national parks, and 13 national forests, Colorado is a climber’s paradise and popular destination for climbing amateurs from around the world. The Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Springs, and Eldorado Canyon State Park are just a few of the major areas for climbing in Colorado. Glampers tend to head to Rocky Mountain National Park to encounter the best summits and views, especially if hoping to find trails and ascends that accommodate for all levels of experience.

Pikes Peak, a 14,115 ft tall summit in the Rocky Mountains, is a favorite for climbing and hiking enthusiasts who want to find stunning views of the entire surrounding landscape. Some of the best bouldering and rappelling can be found in the southwest part of Colorado in the San Juan mountains. There, glampers are met with unique mountaineering sites where they can fully exert themselves and challenge their climbing skills. As always, no outdoor adventure is complete without a comfortable and luxurious cabin to come home to after a full day of arduous physical activity. Climbers are lucky to have countless choices for cozy glamping cabin accommodations throughout the entire state of Colorado. After a thrilling day scaling the peaks, guests can rest and recover by staying in one of these unique cabin rentals.

Whether you love to stand beneath roaring waterfalls, cruise down whitewater rapids, test your lungs by hiking up steep summits, or ascend sheer rock faces to reach new heights, there is a perfect cabin accommodation out there waiting to provide you with everything you need to spend the best physically active vacation yet. Gather your best friends, your significant other, your family, or even your colleagues and dare to spend a few days or a week testing the limits while having totally unbridled fun. Staying fit does not have to be a chore, just like organizing your escape to nature is guaranteed to be worthwhile and memorable for years to come.   

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