Exotic sports from around the world every traveler should try!

You might think you’re a real sports fan or you may think you might not be into sports at all. But let’s talk about sports. The famous ones like Soccer, Football, Cricket, Basketball or Baseball? Or the really famous ones like the Formula One or the 4×4 Beach Rallies? Sure, we can talk about the famous ones everybody’s into these days. But let’s not undermine all the kinds of sports that we aren’t aware of. Who knows? Given enough attention, it might be the next best thing. Exotic sports have been the way of the daredevils to have that sense of thrill they’ve been lacking their whole lives. Needless to say, there’s so much we don’t know so trying out new things is the only way to really overcome boredom. Besides, it’s a pretty big planet with so much history in every part of it that could be revived to introduce something better. So let’s explore the kind of exotic sports there are in the world.

Sports you might not have heard of before: 

Cliff Diving:

You might consider googling ATV parts near me for an off-road experience or you can try extreme adrenaline with the experience of Cliff diving in some of the most exotic places in the world. As the name describes, you’re going to be diving into a body of water from not a pool board, but from a real cliff. Forget the smooth surface and the secure safe environment of the swimming pools you might be accustomed to. Forget fear of heights. This is the real suicide attempt. Standing almost 50 feet above, looking at the massive body of water in its natural state. The water stares back at the diver as he’s jumping in with its dark eye, leaving you mystified as to how deep the water is. You can have life jackets if you’re not a good swimmer. But the jump and the landing are times you’re on your own, so don’t be afraid and don’t be stupid if you choose to stand on the cliffs of Krabi.

Volcano Boarding:           

You may be aware of the cliff diving scene in various parts of the world but you can’t be aware of the Volcano Boarding sport that’s famous in Nicaragua. Imagine a boiling volcano that’s active but hasn’t been showing signs of eruption for a long time. Now imagine yourself climbing it. Right when you’re on top of that mountain of utter destruction and devastation, you make your way down. Fast and Furious style; on a wooden board, with knee pads and goggles and a helmet. Riders have been seen coming down at an average of 50-55 miles an hour. The only hopes of getting yourself to slow down are dependent on the number of times you use your feet to reduce speed.


If you’re not into a near-death experience or are looking for something that is exotic but safe, you should try Zorbing. Famous in the areas of Rotorua, this sport involves a bubble of plastic that’s inflated enough to have a person inside it. Yes, you can explore the wild environments in Rotorua. You can make the inflated plastic ball that’s bubble-wrapped around you to go as fast as 30 miles an hour which provides a much more adventurous experience in a literal safety bubble. Up to 3 people can be in a ball and the thrill level can be enhanced to the point that the plastic could be slippery and wet. Imagine coming down a mountain in a wet bubble with two friends. I’d wear headphones if I were you.



There are a lot of sports out there like Bungee Jumping that are extreme and can be taken to new, more exotic levels. It’s all about how far you’re willing to take things. But remember, safety should always come first.

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