Surf’s Up! 8 Cool Surfing Spots for Enthusiasts

Eight cool surfing spots from all around the world (even in the middle of the ocean!) Check out some of the best beaches and challenging waves around.

Surfing is an all-around great sport for various reasons. The adrenaline, the way it keeps you in shape, the double cool factor (cooling off and the other one). It just makes you wish every country had cool surfing spots that anyone could enjoy.


In the meantime, we’ll take a look at those that DO have them. We’ve actually prepared eight of them, for good measure. They all have their unique magic about them, so put on your sunglasses and let’s see what they’re about!

#1 Cool Surfing Spots in Europe: Bundoran, Ireland

Why is Ireland such a great surfing spot? Good question. The simplest answer we can offer is that the North Atlantic sends out humongous waves along the shore. Just what you’ve been looking for! Sure, it might not be the sunny Miami some of you might have dreamt up. In fact, the temperatures rarely exceed 20°C (~70°F) – so make sure to come here in late summer, and bring your swimming equipment!


If you’re a master of the waves, feel free to ride the colossi of The Peak near Bundoran. Otherwise, Rossnowlagh Beach might be more suited to your tastes. The local surf clubs house several competitions and events if you’d like to try your luck at first prize.

#2 Cool Surfing Spots in North America: Pismo Beach, California

Pismo Beach is an excellent surfing spot no matter how talented you are at surfing. Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, you can get some neat beach breaks all around. Many people recommend the pier area, especially because it’s lit most of the time so you have the opportunity for some night surfing.


Though if you’re looking for a “quieter” spot, make sure to check out Morro Bay. There are a lot of people camping around the Morro Rock, but the water itself is usually free for you to practice.

#3 Cool Surfing Spots in South America: Pratigi Beach, Brazil

Here’s another awesome beach fit for surfing, especially for those who don’t like beachgoers getting in the way of their fun. You’ll most likely see beach breaks here. So even if you’re not an experienced surfer, you can still catch some thrills without putting yourself at risk.

Ipanema beach

The water is crystal-clear, the weather is heavenly, and there are plenty of festivals going on in the area when you’re not taming the waves.

#4 Cool Surfing Spots in Africa: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

We can’t have a list of cool surfing spots without including Jeffreys Bay here. Even CNN included it as the #2 best surf spots in the world. If barrels are your thing, then you can expect to ride these types of waves for up to 300 meters at a time!


You can visit Jeffreys Bay for great waves at any point during the year, though May through September is generally recommended. Offshore winds are strongest during this period, so the waves will also be more intense as well. All in all, it comes as no surprise that plenty of world surfing championships are held at Jeffreys.

#5 Cool Surfing Spots in Australia: Byron Bay

When it comes to surfing, Australia is the “go-to” destination for any enthusiast. Almost everywhere you look is a prime surfing spot, so it’s quite difficult to choose a favorite. Still, Byron Bay has plentiful beaches from which you can choose.

Byron Bay

The Pass on Clarkes Beach is the preferred spot for many, though if you’re not into crowds it may not be to your liking. Either way, there’s a surfer lookout in Byron Bay from where you can pick the perfect place to practice and have a grand time.

#6 Cool Surfing Spots in New Zealand: Shipwreck Bay

Its curious name is exactly what you can expect from the bay. No, not it being a literal shipwreck. But there are still many ships remains to be seen in the area if you’re visiting during the low tide. If you’re careful, maybe you’ll get to find some treasure!

New Zealand landscape

Otherwise, Shipwreck Bay is a treasure in itself –, especially for ardent surfers. Expect long rides on the famous swells that sometimes run all the way to Supertubes. But the best part about Shipwreck Bay are definitely the barrels and point breaks.

#7 Cool Surfing Spots in Asia: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

If there ever was an area deserving of the title of “Paradise” it’s the untouched rainforests of Mentawai Islands. When you’re not relaxing in the Mentawai bungalows, drink in hand, take the chance to ride the waves in this famous Southeast Asian surf point.


The best time to visit is from June all the way to late September. Enjoy the spectacular right-handed “Rifles” that look like they’re ripped straight out of some animated cartoon. Just be careful, the break can be just as intense as a slapstick Looney Tunes scene. The same goes for the Nokandui barrels which even veteran surfers tread on with the utmost care.

#8 Cool Surfing Spots in the Middle of the Ocean: Tavarua, Fiji

So we’ve visited cool surfing spots all around the world, on every continent. There has to be more to it. What if you could just surf smack dab in the middle of the ocean, without a care in the world? Well, Fiji is the perfect place for you.

Before sunrise

Not only is Tavarua island perfect for surfing, but you can also try your hand at fishing, dive in the waters rich with marine life, kite-surfing, and many other water sports. Though, if you hear any surfer talking about how great the “Restaurants” are in Tavarua, it’s not what you might expect.

Actually, there are some pretty big waves called Cloudbreaks and Restaurants (and people describe them as “perfect,” so make of that what you will). We’ve seen footage of the Cloudbreak, and it seems to deserve its reputation. May the winds and waves be in your favor, wherever you decide to visit.

What’s the best surfing story you’ve heard or lived so far?

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