Best things to do in Dubai for active people

Dubai is a city which resonates in the minds of those who love modern architecture and the finer things in life. However, there are also things to do here for athletically-minded travellers – in this article, we’ll share several ideas on how you can introduce physical activity during your trip to Dubai.

Take a boat out on the water

Dubai can be a warm place, even in winter. For this reason, Dubai is often best enjoyed on the water. During your stay in this world-class city, ensure you spend at least one day sailing your own yacht just far enough off the coast to enjoy a smashing view of this epic skyline.

Soon after arriving, look into boat rental Dubai until you find a place which offers yachts which can properly accommodate your travel party. Once you pull away from shore and get out onto the Persian Gulf, you’ll be glad you ponied up the money to make this outing happen.

Learn how to kitesurf

While Dubai has many fantastic beaches, the fun doesn’t stop at the shore – with consistent winds whipped by the heat of the desert and the coolness of the sea, it is an excellent place to learn how to kitesurf. With many experienced surfers situated here, there are more than a few schools that will supply instruction and equipment that will help get you soaring over the waters off Dubai.

Give dune bashing a try

As civilized as Dubai is, take a drive several kilometres inland and you’ll be surrounded by the giant sand hills which define much of the interior of the Arabian Peninsula. The locals make good use of this playground, though, as they take the high-performance sports vehicles their rich salaries buy and participate in an adrenaline-soaked activity known as dune bashing. Sign up for one of these safaris, and you’ll soon be thrashing back and forth, and side to side on the ride of your life. Afterwards, many of these outfits will take you to a choice place to watch the sunset or to a camel ride provider, both of which are excellent ways to end a fun day away from your resort.

Carve up the Arabian desert

Dune bashing in a Land Cruiser isn’t the only way to have fun out in the desert, as there are tour agencies which also offer sandboarding. With plenty of steep, high dunes within easy reach of Dubai City Centre, you can engage in your favourite activity, only in this instance, you’ll be carving sand instead of snow.

As fun as this activity can be, bring plenty of water, as the extreme heat of the Arabian Desert will dehydrate you in record time.

Go skiing/snowboarding

Say what? No, that’s not a misprint – you can actually get turns in on snow while in Dubai. An indoor snow resort situated in the Mall of the Emirates, it may not be the biggest mountain you’ve ever skied or boarded on, but where else can you do this when its more than 100 degrees outside? With five individual trails (including the world’s first indoor black diamond run and one which runs 400 metres), there is enough here to keep you busy for an entire afternoon of frigid fun.

Heading home to relax after a hard day of sporting in Dubai, it is easy to misplace your keys. Should you find yourself locked out, get your Lock Change Dubai to get yourself inside.

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