The Best Gyms You Can Find in the World

Find out more about some of the best gyms in the world for either bulking up or slimming down.

What makes a good gym is different for everyone. It’s all about what your fitness goals are. If you’re looking to slim down, you generally want to engage in an entirely different set of activities than if you want to bulk up.

Now, we know from first-hand experience that you can pretty much turn anywhere into a makeshift gym. However, there’s just something a little bit special about a truly superior, made-for-you, gym. Here’s a list of the best gyms in the world, just waiting for you to come and visit (well, most of them).

Gym Equipment

Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave in the USA

When we were told about this place, the first thing which went through our mind was the word “CrossFit”. Located in the heart of Manhattan, this CrossFit location couldn’t be any better.

If you’re looking to build up your CrossFit workout, here you’ll have access to pull-up bars, ropes, free weight, kettlebells, and rings! All of this in over 10,000 square feet (yeah, that’s got to cost a lost in Manhattan!). Next time you’re in New York City, make sure to swing by for a bit. Even Men’s Fitness s says that this is one of the best Gyms in the World.

Genesis Gym in the UK

Owned by a previous British commando and famous powerlifter, the Genesis Gym in the UK is one for those who have a bit more of a bite to their exercise workout. The gym is home to some of the best equipment that side of the Atlantic, and a crowd of people who are more than dedicated to their art form. The site tends to specialize in bulking up and building on strength training. However, they also offer other programs as well.  

You might even be joined by some famous faces if you’re lucky. When bulking up for the Fast and Furious, the Rock trained here almost every day.

2012 Olympic Athlete Training Center in the UK

Another of the world’s nicer gyms. Located near to London, this center for one of the more recently Olympic games makes use of some of the best equipment on the market. It has everything from weights to treadmills, and even a few things we weren’t so sure about. We especially like the ‘Beat’s Room’ located in the back, where athletes can head to relax and listen to music.

There are actually Olympic training centers located all over the UK; there’s even a handy map to find them all. We just happen to think this one looks the best.


Titan Fitness in Australia

When people talk about the best gyms in the world, this powerhouse of a gym tends to pop into the conversation pretty quickly. Located in Sydney, if Titan Fitness does anything, they stress quality over quantity. All 11,000 square feet of the place is covered I the best equipment the owners Murat and Mets Analin. Choice selects.

Joining this gym also comes with a lot of perks you wouldn’t normally get from most gyms, including childcare facilities and help with healthy eating programs. Healthy eating is (at least) half of the battle when it comes to getting results from the gym, so it’s a perfect perk.  

Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym in Japan

We love rock climbing. As a fitness activity which both burns calories and helps you to bulk up, it seemingly offers the best of both worlds. The Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym in Japan takes that to the next level, but combining it with a range of strangely placed, but everyday items.


Once you enter the gym, you’re immediately greeted by walls covered in windows, mirrors, and even deer heads. You’ll use these to make your way upwards with a bunch of those people. Added due to its unique appeal and cool style. Maybe not one of the best gyms in the world if you’re really serious though.

Hydropark Outdoor Gym in Ukraine

The Hydropark Gym is like something out of a dystopic future, which is exactly why we’re going to throw it on this list. “Best gyms in the world” doesn’t have to mean the best equipment. The Hydropark is a unique place to work out.

As you may have guessed, the Hydropark is somewhat water themed. The area is packed full of beaches (with gym equipment on top of it), boating opportunities, and several other water attractions. There are over 200 weightlifting stations in the area, which makes this place perfect for anyone looking to bulk up. You can check out DotBeasts for more information.

Athele in a gym

Nike World Headquarters in the USA

What list of the best gyms in the world couldn’t start with the headquarters for Nike? As one of the world’s foremost sports equipment providers (especially when it comes to running shoes), Nike was bound to be responsible for one of the best gyms in the world. Moreover, with it being built over a space a little larger than 190 acres, their equipment definitely limited to the basics.

If you want to get in though, you’ll have to travel all the way to Beaverton, USA, and you’ll have to have an invite. Unfortunately, that’s not just a case of looking on eBay. So whilst the Nike world headquarters might be an awesome gym, chances are that you’ll never get to visit. In the meantime, keep watching those Nike ads and remember to “Just do it!”.

Man Laying on a Mat

Your Local Gym

The final place we’re going to put on this list is different for everyone; that’s because it’s your local gym. There will always be something special about the place you feel most comfortable in. You know the equipment, you know the staff, you know that one machine which has a problem, but you know how to fix. You even know how much change to bring in case you want to buy a bottle of water from the machine.

These are the things which can help to make a workout consistently great. The trick is just to try turn one of the places above into your local. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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