Best Activities To Keep You Busy In Saint Martin

Going on a trip to a Caribbean island means, for many people, a couple of weeks of inactivity. They go to lie on the beach all day, eat the delicious cuisine, and experience the relaxing vibe. While this sounds incredible, those of us who like to keep active on a vacation need to find some energy-burning activities.

Book one of these villas in Saint Martin and you’ll be all set for the vacation of a lifetime. Once you’re there, make sure to keep busy with the following.

Jet Ski In Simpson Bay

You may never have jet skied before, but that shouldn’t stop you from heading over to Simpson Bay for one incredible experience. You can have a guided jet ski ride, surging over waves while watching nature’s beauty pass you by. A ride will last about 3 hours, which is a nice amount of time for your adrenaline to be pumping.

Learn to Surf

In a similar vein, you can use this opportunity to learn to surf. Surfing is one of those things that seem impossible before you do it. However, anyone can learn to surf, and it is a wonderful way to enjoy the sun and the sea while getting some great exercise. You can also windsurf or kitesurf if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Bicycle and Quad Bike Tours

Quad biking is a great way to see the island’s landscapes, but you’ll get a lot more exercise and satisfaction if you ride a good old bicycle. Bike tours are very popular, as you can go at your own pace. If you just want a bit of activity to keep you going, take a slow journey through some of the best parts of the island. Alternatively, get a full-on workout by adventuring further out, experiencing as much as possible with your heartbeat racing.

Zip Line Tour

Zip line tours (or canopy tours) provide a wonderful way to interact with nature. The idea of sliding over the treetops is thrilling, but the experience is even more exciting. I’ve seen people on the verge of turning back, but they always enjoy it in the end. You’ll also be surprised by how much you put your body to work. It doesn’t feel like it at the time, but later on you’ll find your muscles aching in a satisfying way.

Go Snorkeling (or diving)

Finally, it is imperative that you spend many hours snorkeling or diving while in Saint Martin. The sea life is incredible and you’ll be active throughout. While you can simply look beneath the surface to see schools of fish, you’ll want to follow certain specimens. Soon, you will find that you’re just enjoying being in the water, working your muscles, with the comforting coolness all around you.

Saint Martin isn’t known as a particularly active destination. After all, its idyllic beaches make it perfect for relaxation. However, you can keep active while taking a break from everyday life. By the end of your Saint Martin trip you’ll feel satisfied in every way.

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