Awesome things to do on a trip to Uganda

Travelling in Africa in the near future, and have Uganda on your list of nations to visit? We applaud you for choosing this nation in Eastern Africa, as there are plenty of natural and cultural attractions to take in during your visit. Below, we’ll share several things you should do during your time in this friendly country…

1) Go on safari

If you’re even considering visiting Uganda on holiday, chances are good you want to go on safari. While there are many places you can go in Africa to go see its endemic big game, Uganda is one of only a few spots on the continent where you can see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. On top of this, all the usual suspects can be spotted when you go on safari in Uganda – lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants, antelope, and others can all be spotted in the game reserves scattered across the countryside.

Combine this with the stunning natural scenery for which Uganda is famous and you’ll have a safari holiday experience you’ll be bragging about to friends and family back home.

2) Ride the rapids of the Nile

The world’s longest river starts in Uganda near the town of Jinja. Early on, the Nile is not the wide, lazy body of water it is in Egypt – rather, it is narrow and full of vigour, making it perfect for whitewater rafters. In fact, the fact it is graded as being Class V rapids means it can be downright angry on some days – perhaps not the best trek for beginners, but anyone who has been on a raft before and has a taste for adventure won’t be able to get enough of the pure adrenaline rush this stretch of the Nile can provide.

3) See its amazing waterfalls

With plenty of mountainous terrain within its borders, Uganda has no shortage of spectacular waterfalls to scope out and enjoy. The most impressive of these is unquestionably Murchison Falls – formed when the Nile falls over a 141-foot cliff by being forced through a gap 23 feet wide, the power of this torrent helps this waterfall stand apart from others in the region.

Other waterfalls worth a look while you are travelling in Uganda include Ssezibwa Falls (close to Kampala and plays a role in the local culture), Mpanga Falls (164 feet high, and its gorge is home to an extremely rare endemic plant), and Sipi Falls (a stunning waterfall which plunges 328 feet).

4) Check out what Kampala has to offer

The capital city of Kampala isn’t just where you will arrive and depart at the start and conclusion of your time in Uganda, it is also home to a number of attractions worth seeing if your schedule permits. Start by checking out the Kasubi Tombs, where some members of the royal family of the Kingdom of Buganda were buried. There was a fire here several years ago, but renovation work is set to conclude soon. Afterwards, move on to the Uganda National Mosque. Formerly called the Qaddafi National Mosque to commemorate the financial support the former Libyan dictator provided to build this Islamic place of worship, it is a spectacular structure to view inside and out. Arrive at any time outside daily prayers dressed respectfully, and you’ll be taken on a guided tour.

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