5 Awesome Activities to Do in Miami

Miami beach
So, you’re planning to visit Miami? Check out the five awesome activities to do in Miami and enjoy your stay!

If you plan to go to Florida, there is one city you definitely shouldn’t miss – Miami. This city is a perfect combination of diverse culture, glamour, colourful architecture, endless sand beaches and of course a great nightlife. There is something for everyone’s taste to enjoy. If you’re an active person who is taking care of health then Miami should definitely be on your bucket list. The interesting thing about Miami is that you can explore the city and experience the culture on the budget. The majority of the budget will go on accommodation and nightlife, but if you’re not so much into nightlife, Miami can be very cheap by western standards.

Here you can find five awesome activities you can do in Miami.

#1 Explore South Beach

 A long and sandy South Beach
A long and sandy South Beach.

South Beach is an eastern neighbourhood of Miami city, but it’s easily reachable through many bridges that connect the city with this amazing place. This part of the Miami is actually intended for beach parties, drinking and nightlife, but don’t be discouraged; it’s still the perfect place to explore. If you’re on the tight budget, you can easily find a very cheap accommodation there. Ocean Drive is the most famous street filled with restaurants and activities. If you’d like to try Cuban cuisine, it’s the place to go! Located next to the Ocean Drive you should check an amazing Lummus park. The park has a bicycle trail which makes it perfect for exploring it with the bike or longboard. Just imagine yourself on the bike with the tropical breeze and palms all around you. The park is parallel to the famous Miami Beach and you can literally see the ocean when riding through the park. If you love a clear blue water and sandy beaches, you should definitely check it and relax there.

#2 Enjoy Diverse Cuisine

You can taste and try different cuisine in Miami
You can taste and try different cuisine in Miami.

Food lovers will definitely enjoy their stay in Miami. You can find a restaurant literally on every turn. The most famous cuisines in Miami are Spanish, Cuban, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and American. If you’re lover of another cuisine, it’s impossible not to find it in Miami, especially if you drive. So, for those who have a driving licence, and are visiting Miami for just a short while, use Viajemos.com and rent a car. If you’re looking for a spicy and traditional food, but healthy at the same time, we advise you to check Cuban cuisine. The majority of Cuban dishes is healthy and it’s perfect for someone who’s following a Paleo diet. If you want to grab a meal to go, there are many varieties of tasty Cuban sandwiches. Check out the Medianoche, their traditional sandwich filled with pork, cheese, ham and vegetables. If you’re looking for a healthy meal, you can’t go wrong with Ropa Veja – a beef mixed with rice and vegetables. A great thing about Miami and Cuban food is that the food is actually prepared by Cubans who moved in the city. It means you will eat their authentic food, just like in Cuba.

#3 Learn to Surf

Learn to surf on Miami Beach
Learn to surf on Miami Beach.

If you never surfed, but really want to learn it, South Beach is the perfect spot to spend your days. The thing is that the waves aren’t so big, which makes it easier for beginners to learn. There are many surf shops and instructors around and you can easily navigate them as the most are located on the Ocean Drive. The best period for surfing is from July to November as the waves become more suitable for surfing. There is no danger of injuries as the surface of the beach is sandy. You should always check the surfing forecast as it will give you a detailed report on the waves and other crucial indicators.

#4 Explore Little Havana

Explore little Havana in Miami.
Explore Little Havana in Miami.

Little Havana is easily one of the most iconic and interesting parts of Miami filled with a Cuban spirit. You will definitely feel the Cuban culture, tradition and good energy in the air. If you’re looking for a healthy Cuban meal, it’s simple to find a good restaurant there. Also, if you’re a dance lover or would love to learn to dance, there are plenty of places where you can learn their traditional dance. Another interesting thing is walking through Calle Ocho Walk of Fame, a Cuban version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a beautiful sidewalk filled with the pink stars and the names of Cuban celebrities. To learn more about the Cuban culture, you should definitely check Viernes Culturales. It’s the street where you can find galleries, live music, food and drinks, everything in a Cuban style. What’s the better way to explore this amazing culture than going to Little Havana?

#5 Escape to Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a great island to relax from the city
Key Biscayne is a great island to relax from the city.

Miami is a big city filled with tourists, people, activities and nightlife which can be overwhelming after some time. If you want to escape the city and relax for a day, the perfect way to do it is to visit Key Biscayne. Florida has many keys which are connected coral islands. Key Biscayne is the second Florida key located eastern of Miami and south of Miami Beach. It’s easily reachable through the bridge that is connecting Miami to other keys. On the way to Biscayne, you can stop on Virginia Key and check the famous Miami Seaquarium. You can find many fun and relaxing activities on Key Biscayne. For example, there is a huge golf terrain which is very popular among golfers in Florida located in Crandon Park. Another interesting park for exploring is Bill Baggs that is located on the southern tip of the island. You can find many traditional restaurants in the park and the best way to explore it is by renting a bicycle. Nature lovers will simply enjoy this island as there is an amazing nature all around with the furnished trails. There are a few popular sandy beaches where you can sit beneath the palms and simply enjoy your life.

What is your favourite activity to do when visiting Miami?

Miami is a diverse city which is perfect for budget travellers. Everyone will find something interesting there. We’d like to hear your recommendation on things to see and activities to do in Miami.

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