5 Travel Tips for People with Asthma

Travelling with Asthma
Read these 5 top tips for anyone who suffers from Asthma and you're ready to start travelling anywhere in the world on the right foot.

Are you planning to travel? Well, taking care of one’s health when travelling can be a daunting task, especially if you are suffering from conditions like asthma. Luckily, there is a lot of information about travelling with such conditions. However, you still have to do a detailed research to find such information. So, instead of wasting your time, how about you try these 5 travel tips for people with asthma and enjoy your trip?

Know What Triggers Your Asthma

Asthma is a life-threatening condition and can claim your life if left untreated. For this reason, it is recommended that you know what causes your asthma symptoms. Keep a record of the things which trigger your asthma attack so that you can predict where and when it can happen.
By knowing the key causes of your asthma attacks, you will be more informed about what to stay away from or avoid like a plague. For instance, stay away from animals if you are allergic to them. They carry pollen grains and dust particles, so staying away from them is the best option if you are dealing with asthma.

Travel with Your Medication or Apparatus

If you are going for a long journey using an aeroplane or any other means, always remember to go with your asthma medication or equipment. For instance, carry a peak flow meter with you and use it regularly to measure the quantity of air that your lungs put out. By taking note of the changes in your airflow capacity, you will be able to notice the symptoms of an attack and seek help in time.

Don’t forget to carry a prescription from your physician with you. It is the only way you will avoid security hassles. If you don’t bring your order with you, then the chances are that your medication or apparatus might get confiscated. In the case of an attack, you might end up paying for that simple mistake with your life. On the other hand, be cautious when taking over the counter medication like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication because they may increase your asthma. Always be alert to notice quickly the changes in your symptoms or you might be unable to prevent an attack.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke

When travelling and you are dealing with asthma, avoid any place with cigarette smoke or smoking cigarettes. If you suffer from asthma, and you are a smoker, know that you are endangering your life.
Avoid Cigarette
Inhaling the toxic chemicals contained in cigarette fumes and even vapours can be very harmful. In fact, it can worsen your asthma, and the chances are that it might not stop. Warn those you are travelling with to desist from smoking during the journey or else they will trigger your asthma.

Eat Citrus Fruits

A natural way to keep your asthma attacks at bay is eating citrus fruits when travelling. They are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E that is beneficial to those suffering from asthma. Studies show that they help in enhancing respiratory function and play a fundamental role in keeping your asthma in check.

Fresh Orange Juice
Cez enjoying some fresh orange juice in Koh Samui, Thailand

If you are unable to carry citrus fruits when travelling, vitamin C and E is available in many forms. For instance, you can find them in supplements and many other sources. Apart from helping you deal with your asthma, vitamin C will also help you strengthen your overall immune system.

Dig into fruit salads and drink plenty of green smoothies on the road!

Look out for Symptoms of an Attack

If you are travelling with kids below the age of five with asthma, ensure that you regularly keep an eye on them so that you notice the symptoms of an attack early enough and take them to a hospital.

Some of the signs and symptoms that might necessitate a trip to the hospital include shortness of breath that leads to difficulty in speaking, gasping for air and sucking in the abdomen when trying to breathe. In case your child is exhibiting any of these signs, they require urgent medical attention.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, it is clear that the trick to travelling with asthma is preparation. You can avoid crises by knowing your particular type of asthma and how to deal with it effectively. By reading this piece, you have started the journey of travelling with asthma on the right foot!

Are you someone who suffers from asthma or travelled with someone who suffers from it? Share your experience and tips with us!

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