A foodie’s dream come true: experiencing the gastronomic trails of Yorkshire

A generation ago, the United Kingdom was seen by travel writers as a culinary afterthought in the European culinary landscape. Perceptions and standards have changed markedly since then – these days, this nation abounds with opportunities to sample some of the finest food this side of the Atlantic.

Yorkshire: the must-visit destination for gourmands in the UK

When it comes to the best ingredients and dishes in the United Kingdom, you might think London has them all sewn up. This city may possess treasures such as the Borough Market and some of the best-regarded restaurants in the world, but it lacks the density of farmers and food producers found upcountry in Yorkshire.

In this corner of England, you’ll find numerous towns famous for producing their own unique food or drink. Hawes is known for its cheese. Sheffield is rising fast as a craft brewing destination. York has more than its share of amazing places to have a dignified afternoon tea.

Plan your visit around the Malton Food Lovers Festival

No matter where you go in Yorkshire, you’ll delight at the different artisanal goods you’ll find. If you really want to make the most of your time here, though, we advise visiting during mid to late May, as this will allow you to include the Malton Food Lovers Festival in your schedule.

Touting itself as the foodie equivalent of Glastonbury, it is a weekend which will have you darting from one food stall to the next, taking in presentations from some of the UK’s best-known celebrity chefs, and enjoying music which will pair well with the North’s finest cuisine.

Hate planning? Let Inntravel do the heavy lifting for you

As fun as this all sounds, planning the details is anything but. Searching around for the best deals on transport and accommodations, not to mention putting together a compelling itinerary can be intimidating. With all the options available to foodies in Yorkshire, it can be tough to put together a plan which does this part of the world the justice it deserves.

Founded in 1984 to give visitors to Yorkshire a proper taste of this region, Inntravel has the experience necessary to show you the best hotels, walking trails, and gastronomic experiences this corner of the world has to offer.

You won’t have to shoehorn yourself into one of a limited number of packages, as Inntravel works tirelessly to tailor their offerings to the individual needs of your travel party. Having booked holidays for customers from all over the globe, they have encountered virtually every planning scenario over the years – this makes them uniquely qualified to plan your foodie holiday in Yorkshire.

Your time is limited on overseas holidays – make the most of every second

Why are we going to bat for Inntravel in this article? For most, holiday time is at a premium. Some may be lucky enough to have several weeks per year to dedicate towards travel, but others may only have time to get overseas for only a week or two.

When you have such few days of vacation available, you need to make the most of them – this is where Inntravel comes in. Possessing a wealth of knowledge about Yorkshire, they are best qualified to lead you to its richest experiences, enabling you to maximize every hour you spend outside the hotel.


This post was published in collaboration with Inntravel.

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