5 Ways for a Fitness Junkie to Enjoy a Trip to Santiago Chile

If you love sports and being active, you will love a trip to Santiago, Chile. This city is big and has lots of great places to explore on foot or by bike. Around it are the lands of indescribable beauty that you can hike across. And don’t forget the closeness of great beaches.

5 Things to Try on a Trip to Santiago Chile If You Want to Be Active

1.    Climb the hills

Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro Santa Lucia offer two of the best panoramic views of Santiago. You can climb both hills on a bike or by foot in order to make this adventure into an exercise. Don’t forget your water bottle as the climb can be quite grueling on hot sunny days. However, you’ll forget all about it after you see the spectacular view.

Both hills are tourist heavens and have plenty of beautiful rest areas on top, so you’ll be able to relax and cool down enjoying the view. Be sure to time your visit so that you can witness the sunset as it’s one of the most amazing experiences you can get during a trip to Santiago, Chile.

2.    Walk the city

When you look at Santiago from the top of San Cristobal Hill you’ll see just how big and convoluted the city is. This makes it both a joy and a challenge to explore. Walking is definitely a great way to study different neighborhoods but you should consider taking a guided city tour in Santiago. This will prevent you from getting lost and stressed because of it.

Local guides offer fascinating walking tours that will not only take you to all the most interesting attractions but also show you some shortcuts and most picturesque streets with great cafes.

3.    Dance salsa

A trip to Santiago, Chile won’t be complete without at least one night of hot salsa dancing. The Chilean people are passionate and fun, as you will learn if you set out to enjoy Santiago nightlife.

Dancing is great cardio exercise and a night of salsa can be far more trying than a heavy lifting workout. There are many clubs where you can enjoy the activity and places like El Cachfaz, Ile Habana, and Buenos Aires Tango Club where you can learn how to dance.

4.    Enjoy the beaches

A trip to Santiago, Chile for any fitness junkie and anyone who wants to have a truly great time must include a few beach trips. You’ll need to travel a few hours away from the city to enjoy this activity, so it’s best to make a day out of it.

Best beaches in Chile you definitely should explore are Vina del Mar, Concon Beach, and Zapallar. However, don’t forget that Chile has 2,653 miles of shoreline, so beaches are in a rather high supply. It’ll take you a few vacations to explore all the available options, so consider a roadtrip around the coastline for your next adventure.

5.    Play and watch football

Chileans love their football, so you’ll be able to enjoy the game pretty much everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to score a ticket to a game with some major local team, be prepared for a rough but fun night. The fans here can go a bit out of control, so there’s always a heavy police presence and no alcohol policy on the stadiums.

However, these things happen simply because the Chilean people are inherently passionate. You’ll be able to see this any night in a sports bar that has a game on. If you make some friends beforehand, you’ll also get a chance to play in a small game with some locals. This is sure to be a memorable experience and a great way to meet new people.

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