The Upscale Adventurer – 3 Fitness Holidays for the Bigger Budget

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For an expensive side of fitness travelling, you can a check the trekking retreat (Dominica), a rafting retreat (States) and a surfing centre (Costa Rica).

As fitness travelers, we tend to be used to roughing it in order to explore the world and follow our fitness passions. Every now and again, though, we get to treat ourselves, so today’s article is going to be looking specifically at the more expensive side of fitness traveling. We’re going to talk about custom holidays that cater for fitness and adventure aficionados, including a trekking retreat in Dominica, a rafting retreat in the States and a surfing center in Costa Rica.

First up, the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa

Offering a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, the Jungle Bay Resort and Spa is located at Point Mulatre in Dominica. For all your exploring needs the resort offers a huge variety of treks and hikes every single day. Examples include the Victoria Falls hike. It boasts some spectacular views as well the opportunity to head underneath some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Then there’s the ‘Boiling Lake’ tour, which takes travelers to, you guessed it, a boiling lake.

Here’s a video by ‘TheTravellingCanadian’ in which he boils some eggs in the lake:

If that wasn’t awesome enough, the boiling lake is located just a few minutes from the ‘Valley of Desolation’. Don’t worry though it’s actually surprisingly beautiful. Simply, make sure to take a raincoat and some good grippy shoes as the area tends to get pretty wet! The resort also offers fit travelers the opportunity to go kayaking and snorkeling.

For the relaxation side of things, you’ll get the chance to engage with local culture by visiting cassava and arrowroot production sites, as well as having the option to take part in traditional drumming classes. What’s more, you’ll have all-inclusive access to a high-quality spa for a variety of treatments and massages. Price-wise you’re looking at around $240 (£195) per night. So a seven-night stay would set you back around $1680 (£1350) per person. Your accommodation is a simple but well-crafted jungle cottage.

Next up, Red Cliffs Lodge

If you’re looking for a real taste of Americana, then look no further than Red Cliffs Lodge, located in Moab, Utah. The resort offers an awesome combination of food, relaxation, and adventure based activities to keep every fitness traveler happy.

Red Cliffs Lodge

First up, the ranch offers both full and half-day mountain bike tours. Some of the easier tours keep it simple, sticking to flatter and easier trails. As a result, you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape. Some of the harder tours, however, pit you against tougher 15-mile trails over rocks and through canyon lands. Although the fitness travelers might want to race to finish line, you might want to slow down and take in the scenery. It is reminiscent of old western movies (in fact the John Wayne film ‘Rio Grande’ was shot in the area). To really get an authentic cowboy feel, though, you should book yourself onto a horse riding session. It runs daily on the Red Rock Desert.

Last, but certainly not least, the true height of adventure at Red Cliffs Lodge must be the White Water Rafting. Since the ranch is located on none other than the Colorado River you’ll get the chance to choose from an awesome variety of routes. For beginners, there are a couple of family friendly options. On the other hand, for the more experienced there’s the Black Granite Gorge in Westwater Canyon.

For relaxation there’s Moab Movie Museum, where you can soak up some local history, or why not head to the daily wine tasting courtesy of the Castle Creek Winery. Then wind the day off with a visit to the ‘Cowboy’ grill for some Steak, BBQ ribs or Alaskan Salmon. Prices range from $150-250 (£120-200) per night depending on whether you want a suite or a cabin

Last but not least, Lucero Surf

Lucero Surf is a dream come true holiday for any surf enthusiast. Located in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, the resort offers no less than four hours of private surfing lessons every single day. So if you’re there for a week, you’ll notch up almost thirty hours of tuition, and if that doesn’t improve your game we don’t know what will!  Also, don’t go worrying if you’ve never surfed before. The resort is more than happy to cater for beginners.

Lucero Surf

What’s more, the area is a practically a paradise of natural beauty complete with white sand beaches, ocean (and jungle) views and not a tall building as far as the eye can see. To really experience the area’s beauty why not take a Snorkel tour of Tortuga Island. Furthermore, if you’re feeling brave, there’s even a zip-line through the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

For relaxation, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in any number of yoga classes that the resort provides. Moreover, there is the option to take a leisurely day trip out to Montezuma Waterfall, which is widely noted for its outstanding natural beauty. There’s also a massage included in most packages. Likewise, there is a welcome dinner and a beachside campfire barbecue before you leave. For food, breakfast and lunch are provided and include everything from fresh fruit through to American pancakes and a variety of the Caribbean and Asian inspired dishes.

Prices for the trip start at $1400 (£1130) for six nights.
The Upscale Adventurer

That’s it for today Fit Travellers. Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas for your next fitness themed holiday. These three holidays might be a bit on the more expensive side. However, if you’ve saved up a bit of money and want to treat yourselves, then you’re bound to have an amazing experience.

So which destination was your favorite? Perhaps you’ve already been to one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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